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What is Personal and Financial Information?

The Personal and Financial Information form is an important modification of child support order you have to fill if you make the request for the review of the child support order. The document was created by the Georgia Department of Human Services with the support of the governor and commissioner.

The template serves as an official request for the inspection. You need the document to ask the Division of Child Support Services to make changes in your case. It will be done after careful consideration of your conditions. You have to print the form and hand the form to the Division. Use blue or black ink on the template. Apart from that, you have to provide supporting documents to the officials.

If you are using the form for your personal benefit, you have to pay a $100 fee for review. However, the party you send it to can decide that you don’t need to pay it, in case the court provides an order. Before you fill out the document, you can also contact Customer Service directly by calling them.

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\What I need the Personal and Financial Information for?

  • You need to fill out a suit for modification of child support order in case you want to ask the commission to change or modify your status. You have to ask the Division for expert opinions and review your documents. If you have changed address or basic conditions of living, you have to provide the documents and this form;
  • The court can order the use of this form whenever a person’s conditions are changed. Health insurance and child support programs may be changed as well, based on the court’s decision after the review is ready;
  • Division requires the template from the person who wants to change the payment condition, to raise or lower them, based on the specific situation.

How to Fill Out Personal and Financial Information?

If you want to fill the child support order Georgia and require this template in particular, you have to make sure that this is your case and that DCSS will provide the research you ask for. If you have any doubts, you can always contact the client’s support service and consult them in advance. You will find the form on the official website as well as on the PDFLiner.

PDFLiner allows you to edit the document and fill it out online using the tools it offers for PDF documents. Once you complete it, save the original version on the device and print the document to give it to the DCSS. You will have to provide the following information:

  1. Write down the current date, number of the case, name of the parent, names of children, support order date, and last review’s date;
  2. Provide evidence of the condition’s change. Describe the reasons and if it is possible to add the documents to prove your point of view;
  3. Pick the reason why you want a review from DCSS;
  4. Read the basic rules of DCSS review and sign it if you agree with them;
  5. Provide your financial information, and add the personal data, including name, address, phone, and email;
  6. Provide detailed information about the children;
  7. Pick the benefits you want to receive;
  8. Share details on the educational history;
  9. Provide details about your work.

Organizations that work with Personal and Financial Information

  • Georgia Department of Human Services;
  • Child Support Services.

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(5 / 5) 31 votes
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