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What Is the Louisiana Tax Computation Worksheet?

The Louisiana Tax Computation Worksheet is a document utilized by residents to calculate their state income tax due. This worksheet is a crucial tool for accurately preparing your taxes, helping you figure out the exact tax amount you owe to the Louisiana Department of Revenue. The results gleaned from this worksheet are pivotal in your tax filing journey, influencing whether you're due for a refund or need to make further payments.

Why you need the Louisiana income tax computation worksheet

Filing state taxes accurately is crucial, and the Louisiana income tax computation worksheet is the tool you need to achieve this goal. Using the worksheet, all taxpayers can methodically work out their taxes owed, avoiding common mistakes that may occur without such structured guidance.

By methodically working through the worksheet, taxpayers can avoid common mistakes and ensure they are not overpaying or underpaying their taxes.  As the tax rates and regulations may change from one year to the next, please remember to check and use the most current worksheet provided by the Louisiana Department of Revenue to ensure compliance and accuracy.

How to Fill Out Louisiana Tax Computation Worksheet

Navigating through this Louisiana worksheet can seem complex, but with a clear set of instructions, you can fill it out effectively and efficiently. Here are the main steps involved:

  1. Under "Taxable Income," input the figure obtained from your tax form’s Line 3.
  2. For 'First Bracket,' if your filing status is single (status 1 or 3), enter $12,500 if Line A is greater than this amount. If you're married, filing jointly, qualifying widow(er), or head of household (status 2 or 5), enter $25,000 if greater. If Line A is smaller than these thresholds, enter the amount from Line A instead.
  3. Individuals with filing statuses 2, 4, or 5 should input $9,000 for the combined personal exemption and standard deduction section. If your status is 1 or 3, enter $4,500.
  4. In the credit for dependents section, calculate $1,000 for each taxpayer and/or spouse aged 65 or older, blind, and for each dependent.
  5. Add the results from the previous two steps and write the sum in the total section for exemptions and deductions.
  6. If you're a resident, indicate 100% in the ratio section. Nonresidents should divide estimated Louisiana income by federal adjusted gross income and input this as a percentage, precise to two decimal places.
  7. Multiply the total exemptions and deductions by the above ratio to find the allowable deduction.
  8. To calculate the taxable amount for the first bracket, subtract the allowable deduction from the first bracket income and multiply the remainder by 2%.
  9. For the 'Second Bracket,' subtract the first bracket maximum amount from your taxable income. If the result is positive, enter the lesser of this balance or the second bracket max amount. 
  10. Then, adjust this by any amount the allowable deduction exceeds first bracket income. Multiply the adjusted balance by 4%.
  11. In the highest tax bracket section, subtract the maximum income for filing statuses 2 or 5 ($50,000) or statuses 1 or 3 ($25,000) from your taxable income to determine any balance. If negative, enter zero. Multiply positive balances by 6%.
  12. Finally, add up the computed tax amounts from the three brackets (the second and highest brackets might be zero if your income doesn't reach them) to get the total tax liability. 
  13. Enter this figure where indicated on the form and on Line 4 of your main tax form.

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Fillable online Louisiana Tax Computation Worksheet
(5 / 5) 101 votes
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