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What Is A Form K 40V?

Form K-40V is specific to Kansas and is used when making an individual income tax payment. The "V" stands for "voucher," this form is typically used when you have a balance due on your Kansas individual income tax return and are making a payment by check or money order.

The purpose of the voucher is to ensure that your payment is correctly applied to your tax account. Without it, there might be confusion at the Department of Revenue, and your payment might not be correctly credited to your account.

When to Use Kansas Income Tax Form K 40V

Taxpayers may find themselves in situations where Kansas Income Tax form K 40V is the appropriate document to use:

  • If you have completed your income tax return and calculated that you owe money to the state.
  • When you make a tax payment after filing your return electronically without a direct payment method.
  • In instances where you must make additional tax payments separate from the electronic or paper return, you have already submitted.
  • You elect to pay if you receive a notice from the Kansas Department of Revenue advising you of taxes due.

How To Fill Out Form K 40V Instruction

Filling out form K-40v should be approached carefully to avoid mistakes that could delay your payment's processing. Here's a simplified step-by-step guide to help you complete the form successfully:

  • Begin by entering the tax year for which the payment is being made at the top of the form.
  • Proceed to write your full legal name and address, ensuring it matches the information on your tax return.
  • Include your Social Security number (SSN), as it is critical for the Kansas Department of Revenue to credit your tax payment correctly.
  • Record the amount of tax payment you are making in the space provided.
  • Ensure that your check or money order payable to the "Kansas Income Tax" is ready and includes your SSN and the tax year on the memo line for accurate processing.
  • Verify that all information given is accurate and attach the payment securely to form K-40V.
  • Lastly, mail the form, alongside your payment, to the Kansas Department of Revenue's address provided for tax payments.

When to File Ks Form K 40v

Filing the Ks form K 40V should align with state tax deadlines. Generally, the due date for tax payments and filings is April 15th each year. However, consider the following factors for specific timing:

  • It should be filed anytime you realize you owe tax after submitting your original tax return.
  • If you have an extension to file your return, you must submit K-40V by the extended due date, usually October 15th.
  • Should you correct a previously filed tax return that results in additional tax owed, the form must be filed along with the payment promptly.

Check updates regularly, as dates and policies may change due to state directives or special circumstances.


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