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Understanding an Interstate Moving Estimate

An interstate move estimate becomes highly pivotal when you are planning for a long-haul move. It's an important form, designed to give you, the customer, an idea of what your costs will be when moving between states. This estimate includes all services and costs associated with the physical move itself.

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What information does it include?

A majority of moving companies provide you with an interstate moving estimate form. The details you would typically find in it include:

  • Your basic information (name, contact details, move from-to states, etc.)
  • Details of items being moved (furniture, appliances, special items, etc.)
  • Services required (packing, unpacking, storage, etc.)
  • Estimated weight of all items
  • Estimated cost of the move 

How to Fill Out Moving Estimate Interstate

Now that we've established what an interstate moving estimate form encompasses, let's learn how to fill out this moving form, which can be slightly complex, but this step-by-step guide should make it easier:

  1. Start with the 'Company Detail' section requires your business information. Enter your company name, company address, contact number, default email address, and website address. 
  2. Next, move to the 'Report Detail' section. Here, you will need to provide the Reference ID and date of the issue. The Reference ID may refer to a unique number or code provided by your insurance company or relevant party to track this specific case.
  3. The third section 'Claimant Details' requires information about the person or entity filing the report. Enter the full name, phone number, move-in date, the origin and destination of the property.
  4. The 'Damage/Claim Detail' section is where you detail the goods that were damaged. For each item, include the type of activity, logistics details, quantity, unit of measurement, unit price in U.S. dollars, the total amount in U.S. dollars, and any pertinent notes. 
  5. Below the table, you will find the 'Total Detail' section. Sum up the total amounts from the entries above, and insert the percentage of any tax or discount applicable. The form will auto-calculate the "Total Amount Due".
  6. In the 'Prepared By' section, type your name, including your signature and today's date. 
  7. The 'Conforme' section is for the recipient of the report to sign and date when they receive and agree with the submitted claims.
  8. Make sure all necessary fields are filled out correctly and then save your completed Property Damage Reporting Form. 
  9. After saving, you can download, email or print the completed form, based on your requirement or the receiver's preference. 
  10. Remember to keep a copy for your records. It's always essential for follow-ups and future references concerning the case.

Decoding the estimate cost of an interstate move

You may be keen to know how estimate cost of an interstate move is provided to you. The total moving cost depends on the cumulative weight of your belongings, the distance to be traveled, and additional services availed. The form breaks down all your potential costs, giving you an itemized list that makes understanding your moving obligation clearer.

Fillable online Interstate Moving Estimate
(5 / 5) 1 votes
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