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What Is a Contractor Hourly Invoice Template?

The contractor hourly invoice template is a document used by contractors to bill clients for work completed on an hourly basis. It allows contractors to keep a clear record of hours worked and corresponding charges. This makes it an essential tool in managing transactions, reflecting professionalism and building trust with clients.

Usage of hourly contractor invoice template 

The contractor hourly invoice template turns the perception of documentation from a cumbersome task into an easy, organized approach. It shines the spotlight on vital details such as billable hours and helps to maintain a clear record of a contractor's workflow.

How to Fill Out Contractor Hours Invoice Template

Puzzled about how to fill out this invoice form? You are not alone. Here's a step-by-step guide to filling out your contractor hours invoice:

  1. Under the 'Company' section, input your 'Name'. Ensure to input an accurate and formal name for your business or service since it represents your brand.
  2. Below 'Name', enter your 'Street Address'. This is the physical location of your business or the address registered with your business.
  3. Subsequently, you will need to provide your 'City', 'State', and 'Zip Code'. These details should correspond with what you have registered with your business.
  4. Input your 'Phone' number. Make sure you're giving a valid and functional phone number that clients can use to contact you.
  5. Provide a functioning 'Email' under the same 'Company' section. This email should be one you regularly check as it could be used for any official correspondence from your clients.
  6. Beside the Company section, fill in the 'Invoice #'. This is a unique and sequential number for tracking purposes.
  7. Specify the 'Date' of the invoice. This is normally the date when you generate the invoice.
  8. Next is the 'Client/Customer' section. Fill in their 'Name', 'Street Address', 'City', 'State', and 'Zip Code'.
  9. Move to the main body of the Invoice and describe the service rendered or the product sold under 'Description'.
  10. Subsequently, fill in the 'Hours' you spent on the project. Keeping an accurate record here is crucial since your compensation fully depends on this.
  11. Fill in your '$/Hour' rate. This should be the agreed or standard rate for your services.
  12. Multiply your 'Hours' and '$/Hour' rate to calculate the 'Amount' and fill it in.
  13. Calculate the 'Subtotal' which is the total 'Amount' earned before any necessary subtractions.
  14. If there's a 'Discount' agreed with the client, input it, and subtract it from 'Subtotal' to get the new total.
  15. Input the 'Tax' (if any) and add this to the subtotal to reach the 'Total'. The 'Tax' is a percentage of the 'Subtotal'.
  16. In the 'Comments or Special Instructions' section, provide context to any special information or agreement between you and the client which may affect the payment.
  17. Set the 'Payment Due' date. This is the date the client is expected to make payment.
  18. Ensure that all the provided information on the hourly contractor invoice is accurate before saving or submitting the filled form.

Benefits of contractor hours invoice

The contractor hours invoice benefits both the client and the contractor in various ways. It ensures that contractors receive payment for the exact number of hours worked. On the other hand, it provides clients with a detailed breakdown of the expenses, thus confirming that they get value for their money. 

Another benefit is that it keeps a historical record of done jobs, which can serve as a reference for future jobs or disputes that may arise concerning payments or job duration.

Fillable online Hourly Contractor Invoice Template
(5 / 5) 31 votes
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