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What Is 3949-A Form?

Also known as Information Referral, Tax Form 3949-A is a document utilized to report suspected tax law violations, fraud, or misconduct. It's submitted to the IRS and assists in reporting concerns regarding tax evasion or fraudulent activities. Overall, the doc aids the IRS in investigating potential tax-related offenses for proper enforcement and resolution. If you’re currently looking for the IRS Form 3949-A PDF template, PDFLiner deserves your undivided attention. In our vast catalog of free pre-designed document templates, you are guaranteed to find the file you’re on the prowl for.

Factors to Consider When Filing IRS Form 3949-A

Take the following factors into account when filling out the document:

  • Accuracy Is Paramount. Make the details you provide as factual and specific as possible.
  • Honesty Is Your Best Policy. Only report honest suspicions of tax violations or fraud.
  • Supporting Evidence Is Vital. Attach evidence that's related and useful.
  • Confidentiality Matters. Your identity is under protection. But accurate info is key for the investigation.

Feel free to download IRS Form 3949-A or fill it out right here and now via PDFLiner’s digital document management platform. It’s fast and easy, coming with the ultimate security and convenience. 

How to Fill Out IRS Form 3949-A Online

We recommend that you start by registering with PDFLiner. It will allow you to edit any document template from our vast library, including Form 3949-A anonymous. Then follow these vital steps to cope with the task:


  1. Fill in Section A called Information About the Person or Business You Are Reporting. Specify their name, SSN or TIN, occupation, date of birth, marital status, and contact information.
  2. Proceed by filling out Section B called Describe the Alleged Violation of Income Tax Law.
  3. Attach relevant documents or evidence, if available.
  4. Specify information about yourself in section C: your name and contacts. Don’t worry: your identity is protected, so just focus on accuracy:specify-information-about-yourself-section-c
  5. Double-check all provided information to make sure you haven't made any mistakes.
  6. Electronically submit the completed form to the IRS.
  7. Save a secure copy for your records.
  8. Await further instructions or inquiries from the IRS.

Remember that PDFLiner offers fast, secure, and user-friendly online document management. It comes with super easy access, secure storage, and efficient submission of important documents. With its intuitive interface and reliable features, PDFLiner is a top choice for managing sensitive documents.

Where to Mail IRS Tax Form 3949-A

The IRS Form 3949-A mailing address varies based on the state you live in. To find the correct address, visit the IRS website or PDFLiner for the appropriate mailing address based on your location. Make sure the form is sent to the correct IRS office for efficient processing and investigation of suspected tax law violations or fraud. Sending it to the right address guarantees that your report reaches the appropriate authorities for review and speedy action.

Fillable online Form IRS 3949-A
(5 / 5) 69 votes
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