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Get your FCI Lender Services in 3 easy steps

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  • 03 Export or print immediately Export FCI Lender Services

What Is FCI Lender Services Template?

Not everyone is aware of what is FCI lender services template till they have to fill out the form. This document was created by the FCI, and you can easily find it on their website. The template is also known as the request to start the foreclosure in California and still retain the FCI as your authorized agent. If you are in the other state or prefer to use any other services, you don’t need the template.

However, if you want to stick to the FCI policy and you are currently a resident of California or have your business there, you will need the form. If you are using the template for compliance, you need to add the $300 check for the loan. You may also pick to start foreclosure without the payment.

To receive a positive reply, you have to make sure you provide correct data. You also have to fill in all the sections connected to your demand. Pick the appropriate loan type you need and add the check if you are using specific conditions.

FCI Lender Services Form Screenshot

What I need the FCI lender services template for?

  • You need to use the FCI lender services template if you want to start the compliance and still remain the FCI services user. If you want foreclosure, you have to put the tick in the appropriate box. There are different types of loans you can choose from, but not all at once. Make sure that you provide the correct information about your financial situation;
  • As the FCI representative, you need to receive an FCI lender services payoff request from the client to start the procedure. You have to make sure that the loan type is picked, the client's situation matches basic demands, and you can approve the document.

How to Fill Out FCI Lender Services Template?

You may have already seen these numerous FCI lender services reviews where taxpayers complain about the complicated template. This is not true. The document is only one page long; you just need to provide your information. Moreover, most of the questions require only ticks in the boxes that match your loan type. You can find the document on the official FCI website or use PDFLiner.

You don’t need to download the template on your device while it is empty if you use PDFLiner. The program offers you to open it online and complete the document using the tools in the upper panel. Once you are done, save the original on the laptop and send the form via email to the FCI or print and hand it in manually if you want. Here is what you need to include in the template:

  1. Pick the type of your request;
  2. Provide information on the loan, including the number, date, and name of the borrower;
  3. Pick the loan documents that you want to enclose;
  4. Pick the loan type;
  5. Provide information on the payment and the balance, including the unpaid part and the interest rate;
  6. Provide information on the foreclosure;
  7. List the delinquencies on the property subject;
  8. Provide your address, name, and the documents you attach;
  9. Include your phone and name.

Organizations that work with FCI lender services template

  • FCI Lender Services;
  • State of California.

Fillable online FCI Lender Services
(4.5 / 5) 54 votes
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