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  • Simple Fill-In-the-Blank Business Plan Template for Startups Simple Fill-In-the-Blank Business Plan Template for Startups What is Fill-In-the-Blank Business Plan Template for Startups? Fillable startup business plan template PDF is a useful blank that will make it easier to organize your startup. A template for a business plan is a document that outlines the key components of a business plan for a new business. It includes sections on the company's business model, products and services, target market, marketing and sales strategy, and financial projections. What I need a Simple Fill-In-the-Blank Business Plan for Startups for? Plan for a business is an essential thing. You will need the business plan template for startups and entrepreneurs when: You want to organize your business startup. You'd like to acquire investments. With the help of the document, it will be much easier to plan your next steps. Fillable Simple Fill-In-the-Blank Business Plans Templates for Startups allows you to specify the most important details about your startup thanks to the number of different sections. How to fill out a Simple Fill-In-the-Blank Business Plan Template for Startups? First of all, you will need to complete the executive summary. There you will have to specify what type of business you want to start, what products you are going to sell, and mention the target buyer. Business description is also required. You need to specify the type of industry where the business will operate and give more information about your vision of the business. Market analysis, estimated comparison of the business to existing competitors, is also required. Marketing and sales plan, development plan, financial statements are also necessary. Thus, the document will help you to organize the business. You can find the PDF file online. The best business plan template for startups would be the one that contains market researches and future profit estimates, this will help investors see the true value of the business. How to Write a Business Plan Make sure you do your research! The more you know about the potential customer, the better you will be able to write to them. Before you start writing your business plan, you need to do your research. This means researching the market and your potential customers. The more you know about the potential customer, the better you will be able to write to them. 1. Do market research. The first step in writing a business plan is to do your market research. This means researching the market and your potential customers. You need to understand your potential customers’ needs and wants. What are they looking for in a product or service? What are their pain points? You also need to understand your competition. Who are they? What are they offering? How are they positioning themselves in the market? 2. Summarize. The executive summary is the first section of your plan. It should provide an overview of your business, including your business idea, your target market, your competitive advantage, and your financial projections. 3. Write your company description. The next section is your company description. In this section, you will describe your company, including your history, your mission statement, and your company structure. 4. Product or service value. The third section is product or service value and description. Write about your product or service, including its features and benefits. 5. Plan your marketing and sales strategy. The marketing and sales planing is one of the most important parts. Think about your marketing and sales strategy, including your target market, your marketing mix, and your sales process and describe it in every detail. 6. Describe your management and organization. The management and organization section is the fifth section of your business planning. In this section, you will identify your management team and your company’s organizational structure. 7. Describe your financial projections. The financial projections are the sixth and final section. In this section, you will describe your financial predictions, including your sales, expenses, and profitability. Try to be very careful with calculations to make the projections real. Organizations that work with Fillable Business Planning Template for Startups Any starting business.
  • Nonprofit Business Plan Template Nonprofit Business Plan Template Nonprofit Business Plan Template
  • Zillow Real Estate Business Plan Zillow Real Estate Business Plan What is Zillow Real Estate Business Plan? This blank PDF free form can be used for creating a real estate business plan. Depending on the purposes, you can complete it online or print it to send it to your business partners. This form is not an official one for taxes and it is not subject to IRS. What I need the Zillow Real Estate Business Plan for? A fillable form is a great opportunity for businesses to formulate their main tasks and strategies. A good business plan for real estate activities must show the current situation and the goals to achieve. This form offers all necessary sections to make a detailed plan for any real estate business type. The customizable template will help business owners and analysts to record what the company will do and how it will develop in various conditions. How to fill out Zillow Real Estate Business Plan First of all, you can download Zillow Real Estate Business Plan from PDFLiner. Next, you can choose between two main options: you can either print it and fill it out manually or you can do everything online.  The form includes many paragraphs and there are some useful instructions that you can use to simplify your task. The online document should be completed section by section. Here you will need to establish company goals, describe various financial issues, write down market trends and define your main competitors. Organizations that work with Zillow Real Estate Business Plan Any real estate company
  • One-Page 30-60-90 Day Business Plan Template One-Page 30-60-90 Day Business Plan Template One-Page 30-60-90 Day Business Plan Template
  • One Page Business Plan for Start Up Businesses Template One Page Business Plan for Start Up Businesses Template What is the One Page Business Plan for Start Up Businesses Template? The One Page Business Plan for Start Up Businesses Template is a blank used for writing down the ideas, plans, goals, and development milestones of entrepreneurs. Though it is an optional document, it is commonly used to communicate data to potential investors, managers, foundations, banks, and various government agencies.  What do I need the One Page Business Plan for Start Up Businesses Template for? You can this form used to: Record a short development plan for the company; Plan business processes with your employees and partners; Define the prospects for business development.  Download the One Page Business Plan for Start Up Businesses Template in order to write down the details of the company's development on the form. Some startup executives use this fillable One Page Business Plan for Start Up Businesses Template to take notes and make a plan or when optimizing company operations.  How to fill out One Page Business Plan for Start Up Businesses Template? If you don't know how to fill out One Page Business Plan for Start Up Businesses Template, follow some simple rules: Begin by describing your startup, specifying its name and responsible parties; Describe the activities that will generate revenue; Specify the target audience as determined by the market research; Describe the plan for the future development of the company; Specify the advantages of the start-up and the features against the competitors. There are a total of 7 large blocks in this online template. In the empty paragraphs, you need to answer the questions posed. After filling in the information, it is recommended to sign the document and specify the filler (for example, a manager).  Organizations that work with the One Page Business Plan for Start Up Businesses Template Investment funds, banks, private investors, business institutions.
  • Lean Business Plan Template Lean Business Plan Template Lean Business Plan Template
  • Beauty Salon Business Plan Beauty Salon Business Plan What is Beauty Salon Business Plan? No matter whether you have only one employee in your beauty salon or several salons opened around the state, you still need to create a detailed salon business plan. This document must be provided by every owner of the institution before the clients come in, to pay for the services. This is the first template you have to create even before you open anything. Without a business plan template for salon, you can’t start your business. It helps you to understand the spending you have to make to improve the service, the time you need to wait to see the income, the profit you can make, and how you can increase it. Consider the hair and beauty salon business plan PDF template as part of the business model. Since there are no two same salons, you can create your own business plan. Use the standard template to make sure that all the aspects are included there. What I need the Beauty Salon Business Plan for? As a salon owner, you need to create a beauty salon business plan to make sure you’ve calculated all the expenses, dangers, and even unpredictable situations that can happen to your business; You can use a business plan for a beauty salon to calculate how many products you need per month, which tools you have to buy and how long they can serve, when will you have to provide renovations; You may include the financial plan for the year in the form. It can cut the risks for you and your company. Make sure you have separated the budget for your business from your personal. How to Fill Out Beauty Salon Business Plan? You can create your own salon business plan template based on the specifics of the business you have. Which services do you provide? Do you sell beauty products as well? Think about the details that make your business unique. Include them in the template. Yet, there is the beauty salon business plan PDF on PDFLiner which you can use to free your time from extra work. You can use online editing tools to fill the sections and add the form as much as you need. Once you are done with it, save the form on your device. You may need to change it with time or create a new one for the new year. The template usually contains specific sections which you have to fill in: Provide information on the mission of the salon. It can be brief, but contain all the important aspects of your work; Include the information on the possible problems that the salon can solve for the clients; Share your thoughts on the services that the salon offers; Describe your current target audience. Make sure you understand whom you work with. If not, it is better to make a market analysis in the first place; Calculate your competitors and what they offer on the market. You have to analyze even the benefits that you don’t have; Create the revenue model for your salon; Calculate the salon expenses. You can choose whether you want to calculate them for a week, month, or year. Check the prices of the services you may need to order for the salon; Provide information on the upcoming marketing activities of the salon and the ads you want to pay for; Name all the salon staff and partners. Describe their roles; Share your thoughts on the main milestones of your salon. Organizations that work with Beauty Salon Business Plan Any beauty salon that works in the territory of the US. How to write a salon business plan? It is not easy to write a business plan for a beauty salon. There are numerous things you have to keep in mind and consider. Yet, without it you will not be able to move forward. Beauty salons usually require lots of updates, professional products, hair stylists, and other employees you can’t work without. Moreover, it needs professional tools, as well as extra courses for your employees that help them to raise their own skills from time to time. However, without the proper promotion, it will be useless. That is why you need to create a business plan that will include and remind you of all the aspects.
  • SCORE Deluxe Startup Business Plan Template SCORE Deluxe Startup Business Plan Template What is the SCORE Deluxe Startup Business Plan? Fillable SCORE Deluxe Startup Business Plan is a template for a detailed business plan. It contains all the necessary sections to deliver all the aspects of the future business. To completely fill out the template, it is necessary to conduct a deep economic analysis, but it grants a complete understanding of the environment of the future business. What do I need the SCORE Deluxe Startup Business Plan for? To attract investments to the future business; To attract new employees or partners; To obtain a complete understanding of the economic conditions of the future business; To get a roadmap for the business you are planning to create. How to fill out the SCORE Deluxe Startup Business Plan? The printable SCORE Deluxe Startup Business Plan contains ten main sections.  The first section is devoted to the executive summary of the company; The second section requires you to enter the company description; To fill out the third section, it is necessary to describe the products and services of the company. The fourth section is devoted to the marketing plan. It includes the SWOT analysis, Competitor Data Collection Plan, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Expenses Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Distribution Channel Assessment; The fifth section is needed to describe the operational plan of the company; The sixth section covers management and organization issues; The seventh section should contain the details on the capitalization of the company and on its startup expenses; The eighth section of the template requires you to create a financial plan; The ninth section is devoted to the appendices; The tenth section is called “Refining the Plan” and contains several questions for your business to check, whether you have covered every important issue. Organizations that work with the SCORE Deluxe Startup Business Plan Investors; Partners and employees.
  • Lean Business Plan Template For Startups Lean Business Plan Template For Startups What is the Lean Business Plan Template for Startups? The Lean Business Plan Template for Startups is a form essential for any startup, which applies for the investments from private individuals or banks, as well as funds. The document is a detailed business plan with goals, specifics of work, milestones, and other features of the business.  What do I need the Lean Business Plan Template for Startups for? The fillable Lean Business Plan Template for Startups is used for: Planning business processes within the company; Making a presentation and commercial proposal for partners and investors; Describing your business concept and prospects in a simplified format. This document is designed for a simpler business or activity that can be quickly restructured or changed.  How to fill out the Lean Business Plan Template for Startups? First, you should download the Lean Business Plan Template for Startups. You can do it online on this website for free to print the blank in the electronic PDF format afterward.  There are several points to fill out in the form: Description of the target audience; Description of the business proposition; Value of the product for the consumer; Main activities; Schedule of profitability and payback; Sources of income; Development plan. Knowing how to fill out a Lean Business Plan Template for Startups will help you plan the business processes more effectively. Organizations that work with the Lean Business Plan Template for Startups Investment funds, banks, private investors, financial and business institutions, tax services.
  • Lean Canvas Template Lean Canvas Template Fillable Lean Canvas Template ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • Business Plan Template Business Plan Template Business Plan Template
  • Business Plan Template for Startups Business Plan Template for Startups What is Business Plan Rubric Template for Startups? Business Plan Rubric Template for Startups is a business used for presenting your business plan rubric. You can find the fillable Business Plan Rubric Template for Startups online on our website and fill it out with the information about your business idea to see what total score it will get. What I need the Business Plan Rubric Template for Startups for? You need to fill out this pdf version of the Business Plan Rubric Template for Startups to: analyze and improve your startup business plan; present your business plan rubric to others with all of its advantages. How to fill out Business Plan Rubric Template for Startups? You can fill out and download Business Plan Rubric Template for Startups on this website for free. Print it if needed. To fill out the Business Plan Rubric Template for Startups you need to fill in every blank of it with this kind of information: plan title and reviewer name; date; scores given for each criteria; total score. Organizations that work with Business Plan Rubric Template for Startups Any company that would be interested in boosting the business

What Are Business Plan Templates?

Business plan templates are the foundation of any successful company. These documents describe future projects and plans aimed at the best business efficiency. They also reveal the potential you can reach in a year or two. You start a business by evaluating your perspectives, learning the pros and cons of every idea you want to implement in life, and the money you have to spend on it.

Advanced template of business plans usually contains a step-by-step description of your further activity. It helps to minimize losses once you start a business. Moreover, sticking to the created business plan can help you to focus and reach results faster. You put the major positions you want to keep up with, so you won’t forget about them on your way. Apart from that, your business partners might want to see the plan as well.

Business Plans Structure

Any business plans start with an idea. Based on this specific concept, you begin to create a template for a business plan. There are numerous examples online which are helpful for beginners. If you don’t have any experience in creating such documents, it is better to pick one of the business plan forms made by professionals.
You will find over 30 different templates on PDFLiner. Enter and read several of them to make sure that you pick the one that matches your requirements. If you don’t know where to start, there are several basic elements present in every successful plan. Here they are:

1. Executive summary

This is a brief description of your business plan in general. It includes the characteristics of your business and how you want to move further with it. Don’t make it longer than a page. It is better to leave it empty until you complete all other sections. Provide a summary of the biggest problem you have to solve in your business so that it can persuade your business partners to trust you.

2. Company description

All templates of a business plan have to contain a basic company description. Focus on the concept and explain how everything works inside. You can describe the departments in the company and what they do.

3. Market analysis

It is highly important to make the analysis in the first place. No matter which type of business you have, you need to learn everything you can about the market you are going to operate in. Examine your audience, check your competitors, and include this data in your business planning template. Once you change the audience, you can proceed to the description. However, without knowing the target market, you won’t be able to find an approach to future clients.

4. Products or services

No matter what product you are going to sell, you need to be sure that you will manage to do it. Even the most successful businesses can change the services and products they provided initially. They also modify sales approaches. This is why it is important to make notes specifying each product and the problem you can solve with it. Such a description might give you an idea of the company’s advantages over other similar businesses on the market and ways to use them.

5. Marketing and sales strategy

If you want to create a successful plan, you need to think about the strategy in the first place. You can start with a simple, small plan of your actions. Think about how to reach the audience better and what to offer your clients to discourage them from visiting their usual stores. Create a pricing plan and discounts for clients, attract buyers with better quality or personal approach. Write down your moves in this section.

6. Operations plan

Decide which actions you want to perform on your way to success and write them down. Each step requires its own plan. Divide your actions. Highlight everything that must be done in the first place and mark the deadlines for other actions. You can also appoint departments responsible for different activities in your plan so that you will know whom to ask about the achievements.

7. Financial plan

Start with the basics. Provide the total amount of money you are willing to invest in your business. Separate it into several sections, including marketing and compensation for your employees. Don’t forget that if you need a physical store, you have to pay for rent as well. Calculate possible income and losses. You can also hire a professional to do the job.

8. Funding request

If you provide the plan to investors, you can make the “funding request” section so that they will know where to pay attention to. It must include a detailed plan and the possible deadline for when the money will be back. Provide guarantees if you can.

9. Appendix

You can place charts and tables there if you want. This part is not necessarily needed but you can create it for the most demanding partners. Add all the information you could not put in this part.

Types of a Business Plan

After some time digging and researching, you’ll understand that there are several types of plans you can create. They all contain the same elements but belong to different categories based on each business’ specifics. Before you decide to fill out a small business plans template, make sure you’ve found the right type:

  • Start-Up Business Plan. If you have a simple business plan and you don’t want to waste time on any hazardous activities and unknown strategies, you can start with this type. It contains all the elements described above but refers to a short period of time. You may decide whether you want to have a plan for a month or a year. If you know that your goals and situation will change, don’t build it for a long time. This plan must be interesting for potential partners and investors.
  • Internal Business Plan. You don’t have to show this plan to outsiders, including investors. This is your and your team’s guide for making the business move forward. It contains all the steps that will help you achieve your goal as well as all doubtful points. Pick out those ideas you want to implement but which seem too risky for now and gather them in one section.
  • Strategic Business Plan. First, include your main strategy in the plan. Think it over and provide several alternatives to it. Your plan can be changeable and react to the market’s alterations. You can combine different strategies till it helps business. You may share this document with your employees.
  • Operational Business Plan. This type contains all the operational details of the major concept you’ve picked. You have to include a description of the procedure you are going to perform to reach the plan. This document can be used as an internal type as well.
  • Growth Business Plan. This type requires charts and graphs for your investors. You can hire a professional analyst who will build a plan for your business growth, including the expenses and the situation in the market nowadays and in the future. You can update this plan whenever the circumstances change.
  • One-Page Business Plan. This is a basic plan where you gather all the goals you have and plans you will implement in life step by step. It is simplified and widely used for partners. The plan can look like a page with bullet points of your actions.
  • Lean Business Plan. This plan switches the main focus to the details of your business. It usually contains the methods you will use within your strategy. You can gather all the techniques on one page so that it will look simpler for your investors. It is closely tied to the financial situation.

Most Popular Templates of a Business Plan

No matter whether you are looking for a template for a small business plan or for a big one, you still have to start somewhere. Once you decide upon the template, fill it out and stick to the general concept you’ve picked. If you are not sure which one is more suitable for your business, take a look at the most popular business templates on PDFLiner nowadays:

  1. Business Plan Template for Startups. The template looks advanced and can be easily distributed between all possible investors. It requires a brief evaluation of your business made according to your description, summary, analysis of the industry, and plans for management and marketing. You also need to briefly describe the operational plan and financial situation. Be accurate with numbers. If you don’t know them yet, you have to stay closer to the total amount and try to divide the finances appropriately.
  2. Lean Business Plan Template. This document can be used to persuade investors to include their money in the plan. You will send it to all potential investors, so try to sound professional. Describe your business and the uniqueness of your product or service. Provide information on the problems it solves and how you are going to do it. You may also include alternative strategies to persuade investors you have a backup plan. Make sure they understand the value of your product over competitors. Discuss the funding you need and how you are going to implement it in business. You can even underline the pros for your investors.
  3. One-Page Executive Summary Template. Among numerous business plan templates for small businesses, this one is the simplest and quickest to create. Yet, you might need to build it based on the traditional plan you’ve already created for the company. It contains basic information about the organization, a pitch for partners and investors, and attractions of the product. You can describe the way the target audience can find it beneficial as well as who your audience is. Share details on the analysis of competitors and the budget you are willing to spend on it. Provide a brief forecast for business and enumerate the funds you need.
  4. Beauty Salon Business Plan. This is the most specific plan in the section, mainly because it is suitable for one market area, the beauty industry. You can use it for your investors as well. Share your mission with them, the problems you can solve by starting a salon in the area, and the offer you can make to the audience. Describe the future clients and name your main competitors. Calculate the expenses and activities you provide to promote the salon.

How to Get a Business Planning Template

You have two main options when it comes to business templates:

  • You can either create the form from the very beginning on an empty page;
  • You may use the ready template made by professionals.

Both options are offered by PDFLiner, an online editor for PDF forms. The already-made template is more beneficial for those business owners who have never worked with such blanks before or don’t know where to start. Each template includes the already signed sections you need to fill out. This way, you avoid making mistakes while completing the form. If you want to create the form from the very start, you might still need to read examples in the first place and use beneficial sections for you. This article can help you to start.

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