143 Bill of Sale Forms Templates

  • Bill of Sale Form Bill of Sale Form What is a Bill of Sale Form?  A printable Bill of Sale Form is a legal document that serves as proof of transfer of ownership of an item from the seller to the buyer. It contains information about the item being sold, such as its make, model, serial number, and description, as well as details about the seller and buyer. The general bill of sale form is typically used in transactions for personal property such as vehicles, firearms, or large appliances and serves as evidence of the transfer of ownership for legal purposes. If you need a boat BOS or horse bill of sale, please use a more specific template. What I need printable vehicle bill of sale form for You need to submit Bill of Sale in the following cases: You buy or sell the vehicle; It happens in the province of Alberta; You need to declare all the important information about purchases: names, addresses, price, the date of the agreement, and so on.  Organizations that work with blank bill of sale form People who buy or sell a vehicle.  Relevant to the Fillable Bill of Sale Documents Fillable Georgia Bill of Sale T-7 Fillable Louisiana Bill of Sale Form Alberta Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Fillable Utah Bill of Sale Form
  • Georgia Bill of Sale Form T-7 Georgia Bill of Sale Form T-7 What is the Georgia Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form T-7? The fillable Georgia Bill of Sale form is the official proof that the item was sold/purchased by the stated individuals on the terms agreeable for both of them. This is a business deal that was officially arranged. This form may be required during the tax calculations. The form may be used for the court-ordered sale. What I need the Georgia Bill of Sale form T-7 for? The blank is filled by both sides of the sales deal. Both of them can download the auto bill of sale form for Georgia. Since this is a form from Georgia, at least one of the sides must be a local resident.  This form can be ordered by a court as part of the court-ordered sale; It may be required by the IRS as an attachment to your tax statement; You may need this document to state the odometer reading. This form is free of charge. You can download it from this page in the pdf version. Fill in online or print and fill, it works both ways. It is only one page long. You will quickly learn how to complete it. Organizations that work with Georgia Bill of Sale Form T-7 Georgia authorities; Salesman and purchaser. Relevant to Georgia Bill of Sale Form T-7 Documents: Fillable Bill of Sale Texas Bill of Sale Colorado Bill of Sale
  • Texas Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Texas Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale What Is Texas Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale?  Texas Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale specifies the information and regulates the process of selling the motor vehicles on Texas territory. Without this document, you can’t sell or buy a vehicle. The bill of sale template for Texas should also be used to register your vehicle. The template is very straightforward and easy to fill out, especially with PDFLiner. What do I need bill of sale for cars in Texas for?  You need to submit automobile bill of sale in Texas; If you want to sell or buy a vehicle; You do it in the Texas state; You want to record that sale transaction took place.  Please note that without this document, any purchase of motor vehicle in Texas is invalid.  Filling Out TX Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Texas Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale is about four pages long and contains all the necessary information about the buyer, seller, and vehicle. In the vehicle section, you need to provide the following information: Vehicle description; Purchase Price; A type of payment; Liens and Encumbrances; Vehicle Condition; Odometer; Additional details (if you have such); Signatures. Note that there are three signatures: buyer’s, seller’s, and witnesses’. There have to be two witnesses.  In addition, you need to submit the Odometer Disclosure Statement that is attached to Form.  Organizations that work with Texas Bill of sale PDF Individuals and entities who buy or sell vehicles. Relevant to Vehicle Bill of Sale Texas Documents fillable Bill of Sale Form fillable Alberta Bill of Sale fillable Georgia Bill of Sale Form T-7
  • Alberta Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Alberta Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale What Is the Alberta Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale? Alberta Motor Vehicle Registry Bill of Sale is filled out when the vehicle is transferred from seller to buyer. It confirms that a buyer is the owner of the motor vehicle now. It can be used in court if there are some issues between the parties. What I need the Alberta motor vehicle bill of sale for? To confirm that the motor vehicle has been sold to the buyer, and now they have all rights to register and use it in Alberta; Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form Alberta is required when the buyer registers a vehicle after the buying; You don’t need to fill out this blank if you have an automotive business. There is a Comprehensive Bill of Sale for this case. How to Fill Out the Alberta Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale? There are three sections in the fillable Alberta Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale, and you should fill out the first and second to allow the buyer to register the vehicle. Section three is optional in the PDF, so let’s look at what information you need for this. The first section is quite simple: it includes all the needed data about Seller and Buyer. You should indicate name, address, phone number, and personal identification. This section also contains information about the vehicle, such as model, style, color, etc. In the Buyer’s info, you should also write the price of the vehicle; The next section requires the date and place of selling the vehicle. There also should be Buyer’s and Seller’s signatures. And the last important thing is Witness’ signature; Section 3 is for the special conditions of the sale. You can fill it out if the Buyer asks for this information to be written. Then you can download and print copies of the form or share them online. Organizations that work with Alberta motor vehicle bill of sale Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council.
  • Louisiana Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Louisiana Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale What Is the Louisiana Bill of Sale? The fillable Louisiana Bill of Sale form is a document that provides detailed information about the sale of a motor vehicle. This is an official paper that confirms the business relations between the purchaser and the dealer. It may be used during the yearly tax calculations as well. It can be provided between private parties from Louisiana. What I need the Louisiana vehicle bill of sale form for? You may need to download the State of Louisiana Bill of Sale form in case you want to buy or sell the motor vehicle.  The blank is filled with the data from both parties. It is used for such cases: Proving that the ownership is changed; Notifying authorities about the deal, if it needs to be done; Verification of the mileage of the motor vehicle; The form can be sent to the IRS during the tax calculations; Notification of the vehicle transfer, if it is needed. The PDF document with this form is available on the page. You can download it and print it. You may also fill it online. It is up to you. The form is totally free of charge. It is only one page long, and it does not take too much time to complete it. Organizations that work with Louisiana bill of sale The state of Louisiana; Seller and buyer. Relevant to Louisiana Vehicle Bill of Sale Documents General Bill of Sale Form Fillable Georgia Bill of Sale T-7 Colorado Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale
  • Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale What Is the Oklahoma Bill of Sale Form?  Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale is a document confirming the legal sale of your property. It also excludes the possibility of future claims by the seller and the buyer. The document includes all data of the property being sold and the data of the seller and the buyer. It doesn’t require any additional documents. You can fill out the blank document for free and download Bill of Sale template for Oklahoma to print it.  Oklahoma law provides that excise tax on vehicles is calculated based on the vehicle's purchase price, excluding any amendments for replacement, and provided that the purchase price is within (20%) of the average retail value of the vehicle model. If the price of the purchase was not within 20% of the average, the taxable value is set equal to the nearest acceptable price. What I need the Oklahoma motor vehicle bill of sale for? This fillable Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale you can use online is needed for the sale of motor vehicles. This bill of sale can be used for :  automobile; truck; self-propellered constructions; van; motorcycle; farming equipment; off-road vehicles. Organizations that work with Oklahoma motor vehicle bill of sale?   Oklahoma DMV  IRS Relevant to the Oklahoma Bill of Sale Form Documents Fillable Bill of Sale Form Fillable Georgia Bill of Sale Form T-7 Fillable Colorado Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale
  • Indiana Bill of Sale Form Indiana Bill of Sale Form What Is an Indiana Boat and Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form?  A Bill of Sale is a form that describes in writing the sale or the transmission of property such as a motor vehicle or a boat. This fillable Bill of Sale serves as legal proof of the payment. It also proves that the seller has passed the possession to the buyer. The primary function of this document is to protect the buyer and seller from future disputes. What I need the Indiana BMV bill of sale form for?  This document, which you can fill out online, is needed to sell different property types legally. You will need the legal name, physical address, and driver's license number of both sides. The sales bill PDF also should indicate the date of creation. Car;  Coin collection; Motor vehicle; Bicycle; Aircraft; Gun; Rifle; Snowmobile; Personal property connected to the business sale; Horse; Motorcycle; Boat; Lawn tractor; Artwork. Organizations that work with Indiana vehicle bill of sale Indiana BMV  IRS Relevant to Indiana Bill of Sale Documents Fillable Bill of Sale Form Fillable Texas Bill of Sale Fillable Alberta Bill of Sale
  • Utah Bill of Sale Form Utah Bill of Sale Form What Is a Utah Bill of Sale Form? The Utah Automobile/Motorcycle Bill of Sale (also referred to as Form TC-843) is a Utah-oriented blank used for the legal confirmation of a vehicle’s sale and purchase. Although it doesn’t require notarization, the TC-843 Form will not validate the transfer of ownership without the presentation of a title. What I Need Utah Vehicle Bill of Sale for: to confirm the transfer of a vehicle from a seller to a buyer; to prove the ownership of a vehicle (and i.e. to avoid any potential legal disputes); to protect the seller from any liability concerns over how the vehicle is utilized when it’s long sold. Keep in mind that on PDFLiner, you can always find, fill out, edit, and/or submit any tax-, healthcare-, finance-, or business-related document. It’s your one-stop-shop for all things file management, so enjoy making the best of it. Organizations That Work With the Utah Bill of Sale Utah State Tax Commission (the Division of Motor Vehicles). Relevant to Utah Bill of Sale Documents Fillable Bill of Sale Form Fillable Georgia Bill Of Sale Fillable Colorado Vehicle Bill of Sale
  • Colorado Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Colorado Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale What is the Fillable Colorado Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale? Fillable Colorado Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale is a document that allows you to legally transfer your car to another person. The document should be notarized only if the vehicle were purchased from another state. What I need a Fillable Colorado Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale for? You will need to fill out Colorado Bill of Sale of a Motor Vehicle to legally transfer the motor vehicle from one owner to another. The buyer will be able to use the document as a receipt. Thus, the document will be a proof that the buyer has bought the car. The seller will have to provide the buyer with the document. You will have to specify the year of the motor vehicle you sell, make and type of the car. VIN is also required (vehicle identification number). Do not forget to mention the date of sale and include the price of the motor vehicle. Signatures of both seller and buyer are required. If the buyers could not register the motor vehicle on time, the seller will be able to use the Fillable Colorado Bill of Sale as a protection against problems that might occur. Organizations that work with Fillable Colorado Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Colorado County Clerk Relevant to Colorado Car Bill of Sale Documents Fillable Bill of Sale Form Fillable Louisiana Bill of Sale Form Fillable Georgia Vehicle Bill of Sale T-7
  • Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Obtain a Fillable Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale You can get the form online at here at PDFliner. Begin by clicking the "Fill this form" button or use the step-by-step instructions below to obtain the document letter: Log In and go to the home page. Find the search bar and enter the “Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale”. Click the "Fill Online" button next to the form. Once you completed the steps the form is ready and can be filled out. How to Edit a Fillable Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale The editor is very user-friendly, so you don't be concerned about filling out the form. To fill out the form complete the steps below: Push the blue button to create your copy of the document. Pick the first field and start writing the requested info. Choose the following field with an Alt or use Left Click. Add all the info and sign form if needed. Push the “Done” button to save your document. To wind up, the filling out a form task is a five-finger exercise. And in case you don't see any fillable fields, check out the toolbar and add text, signature or date to your PDF. You can also add fields by using the “Add Fields” editor. By selecting PDFLiner document editing and management tool, you'll be able to edit in your Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale everything that it requires, create fillable fields if needed, invite someone to contribute to it, sign electronically at no time at all, and keep your PDFs in the cloud storage, so you will be able to access them whenever you need.
  • Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale What Is a Boat Bill of Sale Form Mississippi? A Mississippi bill of sale for boat serves as a record of the transaction between the seller and the purchaser. This written agreement protects both parties by detailing the terms and conditions of the sale, making it an indispensable document. Why you need a boat bill of sale Mississippi Having a Mississippi boat bill of sale is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it’s an effective way to prevent disputes by ensuring all agreed conditions are documented. Secondly, it can be an essential requirement when the buyer wants to register the boat or apply for insurance. Also, it provides a record of payment, proving the sale took place. Note that if you need a more general As Is Boat Bill of Sale you can use another template. Completing the Mississippi Boat Bill of Sale PDF So, what about filling out this Mississippi form? You'll notice that the Mississippi boat bill of sale form is relatively straightforward and requires details about the seller, buyer, boat, and the transaction. Here are the steps to complete this form: Start by filling out the "Amount $" section which refers to the total sum the boat was sold for. Make sure to write this out numerically. Proceed to the "Purchaser's Name" part. Here, enter the full legal name of the individual or entity that is buying the boat. Next, you will need to provide the "Address, City, State, Zip" of the purchaser in the corresponding fields. The "Seller's Name" section should be filled with the seller's full legal name. In the "Address, City, State, Zip" part, include the seller's complete address. In the "Description of Vessel" section, provide detailed information about the boat including vehicle make, year, Hull ID Number, Registration#, and Title#.  You'll also need to provide information about the motor including model, year, and odometer reading in hours.  In the "Description of Trailer" section, you will need to provide the make, model, year, and S/N of the trailer that goes with the boat, if applicable. In the next section, state whether "The vessel, motor and trailer are free from all encumbrances except". Describe any existing claims against the boat, motor, or trailer if applicable. You are then required to enter the date of the signed agreement in the "Date of the Signed" field. The seller should provide their signature in the "Signature of Seller" section and the buyer should do the same in the "Signature of Buyer" field. Next, two witnesses need to provide their names and signatures in the respective fields. Note that witnesses cannot be relatives. Alternatively, a notary public can provide their signature in the designated area with the date when the notary's commission expires. Situations to use the bill of sale for boat Mississippi The bill of sale for boat in Mississippi is a crucial document to have at hand when you're selling or acquiring a boat in Mississippi. It's not just for major sea vessels but also for smaller personal watercraft like canoes and kayaks. Boat Sales and Purchases: Anytime a boat changes ownership, a sale bill is required. If you're ready to part with your old boat or keen on buying a second-hand one, this document becomes your best friend. This Mississippi-specific form carries more weight as it is specially tailored to meet the state's legal stipulations. Trade-In Deals: Are you offering your boat as part-trade for a more considerable value one? You still require a bill of sale. It vindicates the difference in worth that needs to be paid and completes the part-trade deal, maintaining a record of agreement. Gift Transactions: Even if you aren’t selling your boat, but rather giving it as a present to a family member or friend, a bill of sale is required. It helps in clarifying that the transfer is a gift, not a trade requiring a payment. State Title Transfer: For a seamless boat title transfer process, a bill of sale is pivotal. The Mississippi boat form is a requisite when applying for a title transfer at the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks. It formally verifies the transaction from the seller to the buyer. Insurance and Tax Processes: Insuring your boat or declaring it on your tax returns? Prioritize having your bill of sale. Insurance companies and tax agencies often ask for this Mississippi form to establish the boat's value. Disputes and Legal Clarity: It is not uncommon for misunderstandings to arise after a boat sale. This document can serve as a reference, providing undeniable proof of what was agreed upon during the transaction. It can protect parties from potential disagreements and furnishes clarity if legal issues arise.
  • Tennessee Trailer Bill Of Sale Tennessee Trailer Bill Of Sale What Is the Tennessee Trailer Bill of Sale Form? The Trailer Bill of Sale Tennessee Form is a fillable, fully customizable blank that consists of 3 pages and serves for transferring ownership of a used trailer from one person to another. The document is suitable for utility trailers, snowmobile trailers, horse trailers, and more. Note that for boat trailers, you need to use a specialized form. You do not need to notarize this document. What do I need a Tennessee bill of sale for trailer for? If you have a trailer and want to sell it to another person, you have to use this form to transfer the ownership; To provide the details that are pertinent to this deal; A new owner needs this document to register a trailer. How to Fill Out Blank Bill of Sale for Trailer Tennessee Press the blue Fill this form button to view the ready-made and customizable template on PDFLiner. The first page is informative; you only need to read the information about the form. On Page 2, provide the names of a buyer and a seller, the amount of money paid for a trailer, its brand, model, and year of make, and add descriptions and important notations relevant to the sale. The certification field is optional. You normally don’t need to notarize the form. Don’t forget to sign the document at the bottom of page 2 and ask the other party to do the same. You can use the e-signature tool located on the upper toolbar. Press the Export button and save the finished paper on your PC (if you need it in JPEG format, there is also an option to convert it with PDFLiner). You can also share the form online by pressing the Share button. Organizations that work with bill of sale for a trailer in Tennessee Two private parties (a seller and a buyer of a trailer)

What is a Bill of Sale?

Bill of Sale documents is a category of fillable forms that are used to officially confirm the vehicle selling. There are different forms for each state in the US. Usually, they don’t differ much, but it’s better to fill out the particular document for your state.

You can file general Bill of Sale templates for any type of vehicle. There are also separate documents for motor vehicles and boats. If you’re buying or selling several vehicles, you should fill out different forms for each of them. Both buyer and seller sign the document, as well as a witness in some cases.

What does a bill of sale look like?

Most documents that prove the fact of vehicle sales have three main parts. First of all, the document includes vehicle details such as model, year, identification number, color, and some others. Besides, there should also be seller’s and buyer’s information. It includes name, address, phone number, etc. You should also fill out the date of selling the vehicle. In the end, the buyer and seller sign the document.

For some cases, these two signatures will be enough. However, some states require the signature of the witness or notary public. The vehicle bill of sale should get all signatures on the day of selling.

How to get a fillable vehicle Bill of Sale form?

PDFLiner offers you a huge variety of all possible Bill of Sale forms. You can fill them out online, and here is a guide on how to do this.

Step 1: Choose a form from the list

Find a form that is suitable in your state. Remember that you can separately choose a boat bill of sale and an automobile bill of sale.

Step 2: Tap on Fill Online button

Just click on the button and wait for a little. The editor will be opened with all the needed features for filling out a form.

Step 3: Fill out the form in the editor

Write in the lines one by one. You can also leave comments if you share this document with others.

Step 4: Sign and print the document

You may sign the document in the PDFLiner editor too. You should just click on the signature field. Then you can tap ‘Done’ and print a form.

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