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  • OHDNR Order OHDNR Order What is an OHDNR Order? The Outside the Hospital Do-Not-Resuscitate (OHNDR Order) form is a legal document that requires emergency medical specialists not to start or continue certain vital procedures. DNR is the abbreviation for ‘do not reanimate/resuscitate’. What I need OHDNR Order for? If a person is not in the hospital, and they have health problems (passing out, for example), a person can contact emergency medical specialists. In case of having a signed DNR, the specialists will not use any of the five procedures listed in the form of the OHNDR Order to help you. The form comes into force from the moment it is signed by all parties, including the attending physician. After signing up, it applies wherever a person is. Filling out the OHDNR Order To become valid, the form requires the following information: Full person’s name; Patient’s/representative’s signature; Attending physician name and signature. Organizations that work with OHDNR Order Hospitals Office of the Attorney General ABA Commission on Law and Aging State Medical Association
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