99 Department of Defense Forms Templates

  • Form DD 2981 Basic Criminal History and Statement of Admission Form DD 2981 Basic Criminal History and Statement of Admission Form DD 2981 Basic Criminal History and Statement of Admission✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • DD Form 285 DD Form 285 What is DD Form 285 for? This free online blank PDF document is used for the appointment of mail orderly, the appointment of military postal clerks, or unit mail clerks. You can fill it in on the website or print it. The document is designed for militaries only. It is not about taxes and business and it is not subject to IRS. What I need the DD Form 285 for? This document is needed to be completed once a person is assigned to be a mail or postal clerk. The leader of the unit has the right to designate one mail clerk only and three alternate officials. If the branch does not have its mailroom, the leader can designate mail orderlies. This DD Form 285 fillable version is for all appointees. You can download DD Form 285 PDF from PDFLiner website or complete it online How to Fill Out Form DD 285? The document is divided into sections. The first one requires the exact date when the document was completed. The second is to remain blank until the document is withdrawn. The third and the fourth section is designed for the appointed person credentials. The social security number of the person should be written in section 5. Next, there is a box with the titles. Here one needs to put Unit Mail Clerk, Mail Orderly, or Military Postal Clerk depending on the title. Next following sections are for providing information about the activities of the body, the installation of the designated person, the initials of the executive who will approve the document. Organizations that work with DD Form 285 The Ministry of Defence
  • DD Form 1746 DD Form 1746 What is the DD Form 1746? The fillable DD Form 1746 is an application for assignment to housing that is filled out and sent to the United States Department of Defense. What I need the DD Form 1746 for? To apply yourself for being provided with military and/or community housing. How to fill out the DD Form 1746? The printable DD Form 1746 consists of two pages. All the fields to fill out are on the first page, while the second page is devoted to the detailed instructions. The first page contains 6 main sections for the applicant to fill out. The first section implies providing the Department of Defense with your information. It is necessary to enter your name, social security number, contact information, marital status and many more. The second section requires the applicant to enter the details on their military career. Section 3 is devoted to the dependent data: there the applicant has to list all the dependents residing with them and describe the relationships with them. Section four is called “Housing Data”. In order to properly fill it out, it is necessary to select the desired details of the housing and check the corresponding boxes. There is also an additional field for remarks on the housing data and a field for signature of the applicant. The last section is pre-filled and only requires the applicant to sign the document and indicate the date. Organizations that work with the DD Form 1746 The United States Department of Defense
  • DD Form 2660 DD Form 2660 What is a DD Form 2660? DD Form 2660 is used for claiming the replacement of lost or canceled checks. It contains only two pages, one of which is detailed line-by-line comments and recommendations. When submitting this document, you should also attach the corresponding Leave and Earnings Statement. What do I need the DD Form 2660 for? The fillable DD Form 2660 is used by those who get U.S. Treasury checks for doing Army or Navy business. Use it if the issued check is lost, stolen, destroyed, or you have never received it. If you are not the recipient of such papers, you cannot use this document. Also, you cannot submit a completed paper if 30 days haven't passed since the check was issued to you. How to Fill Out DD Form 2660 PDF? Filling out DD form 2660 is a simple process with the right tool. You can fill out this document online: Open the PDF form and look through the instructions on the second page to avoid mistakes. Also, read the information at the top of the first sheet, which talks about liability for submitting incorrect data. Then, fill in your payee or financial organization name, SNN, contact phone number, and address where the check was sent. Further lines refer directly to the financial document. You should indicate the purpose for which the check was issued, as well as what exactly happened to it that it became necessary to fill out this free form. Sign and date. Leave lines 16 and 17 blank, as the disbursing office should fill them up. Download DD Form 2660 to your device to print it and mail it. Organizations that work with DD Form 2660 fillable version: Department of Defense; Department of Justice.
  • DD Form 2215 DD Form 2215 What Is DD 2215 Form? Also known as Reference Audiogram, DD Form 2215 is a document used by the US Department of Defense. Its purpose is to establish and maintain an individual's baseline audiometric information. This baseline serves as a reference point to monitor and protect the hearing health of military personnel who may be exposed to hazardously noisy environments. 2215 DD form vs. 2216 DD form Distinctions between 2215 DD Form and 2216 DD Form (Hearing Conservation Data) are as follows: Purpose. 2215 is for baseline audiometric data; 2216 is for annual audiometric tests; Usage. 2215 establishes reference; 2216 tracks annual hearing changes; Frequency. 2215 is a one-time document; 2216 is annual; Monitoring. 2215 comes down to baseline; 2216 involves trends. Personnel. 2215 is all exposed; 2216 is for regular audiometric monitoring. How to Fill Out DD Form 2215 Filling out this file using PDFLiner is a systematic process to ensure accuracy and compliance with the US Department of Defense requirements. Follow these 7 crucial steps to cope with this task while preventing mistakes and confusions: Launch the DD Form 2215 PDF via PDFLiner’s online template gallery.  Enter the individual's personal details, including name, date of birth, and Social Security Number. Fill in the audiogram data as accurately as possible. This includes thresholds for both ears at various frequencies. Certify the form, confirming the accuracy of the audiometric information. Digitally sign the document where required. Carefully review the completed form for any errors or omissions, making corrections if needed. Save the completed DD Form 2215 as a PDF file on your device. When you’re through, based on your submission requirements, either print the doc for physical submission or submit it electronically.  Who should use DD form 2215 audiogram? The document is intended for use by the US Department of Defense, specifically for military personnel exposed to potentially hazardous noise levels during their service. The audiogram is employed to establish and maintain baseline audiometric information, helping to monitor and safeguard the hearing health of these individuals over time. It ensures compliance with safety regulations and the protection of military personnel from auditory dysfunctions. Organizations that work with the blank DD form 2215 Department of Defense
  • DD Form 2760 DD Form 2760 What Is DD Form 2760? Fillable DD Form 2760 is for the purpose of obtaining a permit to possess a firearm. This form was last updated in 2002 and has not been changed since. This form was adopted to comply with the regulations of the Domestic Violence Act. The U.S. Department of Defense uses this form to obtain data about people who are and are not eligible to own firearms.    You can download DD Form 2760 online and print it. You do not have to provide this form in writing. You can also fill out the document as a PDF and email it to the recipient with a digital signature attached.  What do I need the DD form 2760 for?  This form used for: Obtaining a firearms permit from the Department of Defense; Changing the information on your firearms permit; Other administrative actions for military personnel and civilians. This form is intended primarily for military personnel.  How to Fill Out DD Form 2760? You should know how to fill out DD Form 2760. You do not need detailed instructions to fill out the items on this free form. The document consists of two large sections. The first section details the conditions under which a person may not own or use a firearm. The second section must be personally filled out with items of information. There, it must state whether or not the person has ever been convicted of domestic violence. If the person has indeed been convicted of domestic violence, the person is advised to contact an attorney and a lawyer for help in completing the document. Next, personal information, including residential address, contact information, and more, must be included.  This information will help you learn more about what is a DD Form 2760 form. Specify only truthful information in the document so that there will be no problems in the future when applying for a gun permit. Who Can Issue a Form DD 2760? The DD form 2760 PDF can be issued by any Department of Defense (DoD) military or civilian personnel who has the authority to verify the identity of the individual signing the form. Organizations that work with DD form 2760 fillable version United States Department of Defense
  • DD Form 2656 DD Form 2656 What is DD Form 2656? DD form 2656 is also known as Data for Payment of Retired Personnel. This document is widely used in the military system. It must be provided by those individuals who decided to prepare for their upcoming retirement. Apart from counseling with the professional from the Branch of Service of this particular person, it is better to use DD form 2656 army list. The document does not require much from the person. It was made to explain the possible options to the person before retirement, including the election options as well as the basic requirements. The document is official and must be signed not only by the individual who wants to go on retirement but by the witness. If this person has a spouse, the form must be signed by a spouse as well. You need to learn how to fill out DD form 2656, but you can also ask for the help of a notary public if you don’t understand something. There are numerous organizations that help veterans of former soldiers to officially organize retirement. Apart from that you can contact the US Department of Defense directly. What I need the DD Form 2656 for? Any participant of the military service can search for the DD form 2656 download to make sure that everything is ready for retirement. Make sure that the retirement plan you choose will suit your interests in the best way; The Army needs to receive this template filled by individuals to make sure that the retirement plan is chosen right and the person can be retired. Department of Defense has to record whether the person has the direct deposit and whether the payment is provided appropriately; The Army needs to record the disability of the veteran if there is any. This way they will be able to offer a matching health care program. How to Fill Out DD Form 2656? The DD form 2656 PDF fillable papers can be found online, on the website of the US Department of Defense. There you will be able to check out the document and make sure that you have all the information that is asked of you. You will also find brief instructions there. If you want to fill the template online, you can go directly to the PDFLiner which is an online editor of PDF documents. It has an impressive library with all the forms you need. You will easily find their DD form 2656 printable version as well as instructions for it. Here is what you need to include in the template: Provide information about you, including the name, date of birth, SSN, date of retirement, rank, the branch where you serve, whether you were a member of the component, whether you are a participant in the retirement plan, your address, phone, and email; Share the information on the direct deposit you have, including the bank, accounting number, and name; Provide information on the separation payment, including the type that was received; Provide information on the disability if you have one as a veteran; Share the information on the beneficiaries for the retired pay that was unpaid; Provide data on the federal tax withholding; Share the voluntary tax withholding information; Provide information about the spouse and dependents; Ask the witness and notary public to sign the document. Sign it yourself and ask your spouse to do the same if you have any. Organizations that work with DD Form 2656 The US Department of Defense; Military of the US.
  • DD 2475 DD 2475 What Is the Blank DD 2475? The fillable blank DD 2475 is an annual application form for the United States Department of Defense Educational Loan Repayment Program. What I need the blank DD 2475 for? To apply for the annual DoD Educational Loan Repayment Program. How to Fill Out the Blank DD 2475? The printable blank DD 2475 form consists of five sections on the first page and there are specific and detailed instructions on the second page. On the top of the first page it is necessary to indicate the Control No. and the loan program. The first section is called “Personnel Office Verification” and is to be completed by the designated personnel officer. In order to fill it out properly, the personnel officer has to state the address to which the completed form shall be forwarded, enter their name, signature and date signed. The second section has to be filled out by the Servicemember or Borrower and is devoted to the Servicemember data. First of all, the Servicemember has to provide their contact information, including name, social security number, telephone number, e-mail address and residency address. The Servicemember also has to sign the document and enter the date. The third and the fourth sections cover the loan data and are to be completed by the loan servicing agency. These sections cover all the details of the loan, such as name of the loan, its amount, original date of promissory note, loan account number, type of loan, loan interest and many more. The certifying officer also has to sign the document and enter the date. The fourth section requires the person to enter the original loan amount, the cancelled amount, the disbursed amount and the date of disbursement. The fifth section is devoted to the remarks and is filled out with additional information that shall assist in processing of the application. Organizations that work with the blank DD 2475 The United States Department of Defense
  • DD 1172-2 form DD 1172-2 form What is DD 1172-2 form? DD 1172-2 is the official form in the DEERS or Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System for those who want to receive an ID card. This form is used to enroll for DEERS with a goal to earn or renew your current ID card. You have to provide documents that confirm you are a sponsor of a dependent person, in case you want to apply instead of the receiver. What I need the DD 1172-2 for? This form must be filled out by anyone who wants to receive an ID card, being on active duty, in the reserves, or retired service member; You can renew your ID card via this form; The ID card is required to enter the government facilities and systems; You need an ID card to receive the service benefits; Anyone who wants DEERS enrollment requires this form. This form does not have any specific due date. You may complete it when you need the ID. After you fill out the form, it won’t take long to receive an answer. Filling Out DD 1172-2 This form consists of 6 sections, and you have to pay attention to every line you are filling out. Make sure you don’t miss anything in the form that must be completed. Make sure you own the information to fill out the form: Section 1 is for information about an employee or a sponsor; Section 2 is for the employee/sponsor’s remarks and declaration; Section 3 is for information concerning the office of the sponsor; Section 4 contains lines on the verification; Section 5 is about the dependent: detailed information; Section 6 must contain details on the card receipt. Sponsors need to fill out 1, 2, and 5 sections. The employee fills out 1 and 2 sections. The Department of Defence fills out the third section. Organizations that work with DD 1172-2 Private organizations that want to become sponsors; Department of Defence.
  • DD Form 2890 DD Form 2890 What Is DD Form 2890? The fillable DD Form 2890 is known as the Multimodal Dangerous Goods Declaration. Taxpayers download DD Form 2890 when they need to transfer hazardous products. If you have a business with dangerous goods shipment, you need this form filled for every transfer you organize. It must be provided to the Department of Defense. What I need the DD form 2890 for? The blank of DD Form 2890 is used for Department of Defense to easily check the shipment you declare; It is used for assistance in dealing with hazardous materials; You can always call DoD in case of emergency and ask about their help if you are dealing with dangerous items; The form allows us to track the movement of the dangerous product; If you have no space left in the declaration of dangerous items in the form 2890, you have to attach the 2890C form for more information about the shipment. How to Fill Out DD Form 2890? The PDF document with DD Form 2890 fillable version is available on this page. You can download it without any payments as it is free of charge. It is recommended to print this form or open it online and get familiar with it before you start filling it. While the document is only 2 pages long and contain detailed instructions, you still have to be very specific about the information in the boxes: Indicate the address and phone number of dangerous materials’ place of certification; The 2nd box is for ocean shipments. It requires vessel manifest number; Indicate the total number of pages; Put the TCN there; Box 5 must be left blank, while box 6 is for Activity Address Code; Name the vessel carrier; Describe the shipment; Provide the address of the destination. Organizations that work with DD form 2890 PDF Department of Defense;  US Army; Cargo Control Service.
  • Motor Equipment Utilization Record Motor Equipment Utilization Record What is a Motor Equipment Utilization Record form? Motor Equipment Utilization Record is used for monitoring the operation of various types of vehicles (from generators and loading equipment to military transportations) that the government owns. It is also called DD Form 1970 and is used by the US Department of Defense. What do I need the Motor Equipment Utilization Record for? The blank helps track who, when, and how long has been using certain equipment or vehicles owned and registered by the government. This PDF paper is a documented confirmation that this or that transport was on an official or business trip. The paper can only be completed online by individuals (dispatchers and operators) authorized to use vehicles owned by the government. How to fill out Motor Equipment Utilization Record? Fillable Motor Equipment Utilization Record consists of two pages and does not require a lot of data from a placeholder: At the top of the table, you should indicate the date of completion, equipment type, its number, and organization name. Next, operators' names and signatures are entered, as well as the exact time when the vehicle was used, hours and miles. Also, the paper should be signed by the dispatcher who transferred the equipment. The rest of the table's place is dedicated to indicating destinations and time of equipment usage. The additional column "Remarks" should specify abnormal occurrences during use if any. You can download Motor Equipment Utilization Record to your device, print it, and email it at your request for free without leaving our website. Organizations that work with Motor Equipment Utilization Record
  • DD Form 362 DD Form 362 What is a DD form 362? DD form 362 fillable used by the Department of Defense to document collections of cash, checks, and money orders received by a federal agency. The form is also used to document the disbursement of these funds. Who should fill out a DD form 362? The individual who is responsible for collecting the cash should fill out the statement of charges/cash collection voucher. For example, if an individual goes to a store to purchase an item and pays with cash, the store clerk would fill out the document. How to fill out DD 362 form?  The DD form 362 instructions are pretty simple. Open the editor and follow the steps: Enter the date of the request at the top of the form. Specify a voucher number. Write an Organization and accounting details Fill out the items sheet with the requested items and prices. The purpose of line 8 on the DD Form 362 is to indicate the type of security clearance that is required for the position. The options for this line are "Top Secret," "Secret," and "Confidential." Or action, if the individual already has the required clearance. After that, you need to provide your personal information and sign the form.
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