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  • Eagle Scout Project Workbook Form Eagle Scout Project Workbook Form What is the Eagle Scout Project Workbook Form? Eagle Scout is one of the most honorable scout’s ranks. To receive it, you have to pass through numerous challenges, prove your loyalty to the troop, be one in the leadership position, complete service project, and fill out Project Workbook. This Eagle Scout Project Workbook form must be submitted by a scout who wants to receive Eagle Scout rank. What I need the Eagle Scout Project Workbook Form for? Eagle Scout Project Workbook Form is required for scouts: Who has passed through being ordinary scout, tenderfoot, second class, first-class, star, and life; Really active scouts who were leaders in the troop for at least 6 months; Gathered all 21 badges; Served well to their troupe and society; Completed the Eagle Scout project. There is no due date to the Eagle Scout Project Workbook Form. Every participant of a scout troop may try to earn the rank. It must be applied to the Council Service Center. It does not matter when you do this, as long as you met all the necessary criteria to become the Eagle Scout. Filling out Eagle Scout Project Workbook Form This is not the easiest form to complete. But as an organized and noble scout, you already have everything you need to pass this test. The workbook consists of: Proposal for the social project; Final plan of the project; Application for fundraising; Report on the project. You have to fill out every section of the workbook form. There are rules for the project in the form as well. You need to follow them to receive the approval of the council. There are details that must be provided for your project. Use brief instructions in the form to make sure that everything is in its place. Future Eagle Scouts can work together with their parents, friend scouts or leaders of the troop to complete the Eagle Scout Project Workbook form. Organizations that work with Eagle Scout Project Workbook Boy Scouts of America; Council Service Center.
  • Eagle Scout Rank Application Eagle Scout Rank Application What is the Eagle Scout Application form? Eagle Scout Application is the application for the Eagle Scout Rank. This form must be applied to the Council Service by a scout who wants to receive Eagle Scout Rank. It is one of the main accomplishments of the scouts, and it is widely recognized in the USA and international scouts’ organizations as a scout achievement. What I need the Eagle Scout Application for? This form is required to be filled out once you: Decide you want to reach this milestone in the scout organization; Receive positive recommendations and support from your entire troop; Match all the demands for getting this rank; Completed Eagle Scout Workbook project; You are under 18 years old, as adult scouts do not wear badges. There is no strict date to fill out this form. You can start doing this after your project is ready, you have proven yourself worthy, you got all the 21 badges you need, and you are still under 18 years old. Filling out Eagle Scout Application You shall provide the following information in your application: The date when you became a part of Boy Scout organization; The date when you became the Varsity Scout member; The date when you became the Venturer or the Sea Scout; The exact date of your birthday. You can’t be 18 or older as adult scouts don’t use ranks; The proof that you’ve earned all the 21 merit badges: the dates when you received them; The date when you finished your project of Eagle Service Workbook; The exact date of the Scoutmaster conference; References if you have some; Merit Badges additional information if you want to add something; Your responsibilities and position in a troop. Organizations that work with Eagle Scout Application Chief Council Service Center; Association of American Boy Scouts.
  • CAQH Provider Application CAQH Provider Application What is a CAQH Provider Application?  CAQH stands for ‘Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare,’ a non-profit organization based in California. The CAQH application PDF allows you to register as the provider.  What I need CAQH provider application form for?  You need to apply for a provider in the following cases: To get access to your information to insurance companies; To make the provider’s information more efficient. It means that insurance companies can just go to the CAQH website and get all the needed information about you instead of calling your office to know the work history and copy the medical licenses.  Filling out CAQH Application Form  The CAQH form is pretty long, about 17 pages with lots of blank fields. Here are some basic rules: Use only сapital letters; Use the cross to indicate the correct answer, not dot or any other sign.  The form has several sections: Personal info along with your IDs; Education/Training; Professional/Medical specialty information; Practice location information; Hospital affiliations; Professional liability insurance carrier; Work history and several references from your employer; Questions concerning the information disclosure.  Also, on the bottom of the document, you’ll find Standard Authorization, Attestation and Release page. You need to read it very attentively and put a signature and the date at the end of the page. In addition, there are code lists and special boards. Organizations that work with CAQH form Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare.  Relevant to CAQH Form Documents Eagle Scout Rank application Qualifying Education Provider Application Eagle Scout Project Workbook
  • Form 1120-PC (Schedule M-3) Form 1120-PC (Schedule M-3) Form 1120-PC (Schedule M-3)
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