71 Entity Returns Templates

  • Form 1120 - Corporation Income Tax Return Form 1120 - Corporation Income Tax Return What is Fillable Form 1120 - Corporation Income Tax Return? Fillable Form 1120 2022 - Corporation Income Tax Return is a form that helps US domestic corporations to fill out their income and losses. The 1120 tax form is issued by the IRS and should be filled out by the fourth month after the tax year of the corporation ends. What I need the Fillable Form 1120 (2022-2023) for? You will have to fill out the IRS form 1120 to indicate the following information: The income of your corporation; All the losses and deductions of the corporation; Information about refundable credits; Your total assets. If you want your business to be taxed with a form 1120 as a corporation, you will have to fill out the document and submit it to the IRS. The tax form 1120 is printable and you can also complete it by hand. How to Fill Out Fillable Form 1120 - Corporation Income Tax Return? In order to properly fill out the federal form 1120, you will have to begin with filling out the name, address, employer identification number and total assets of the corporation. After that, you will have to complete 6 pages of the document: Page 1 requires you to mention your income, deductions, refundable payments and credits.A signature and a company’s name are required. Page 2 consists of a variety of fields, where you have to mention your special deductions and choose between different dividends. Page 3 of fillable form 1120 requires you to indicate the tax computation, funds reserved for future use, and list total payments and refundable credits.  Page 4 and Page 5 allow you to mention additional information about the corporation and indicate if some foreign corporations own 20% or more of the corporation. Page 6 of the tax return document requires to fill out the assets, liabilities, and mention the reconciliation of income. Note that you can also download the blank PDF file of 1120 form online. Organizations that work with Fillable Form 1120 2022 IRS
  • Form 2290 Form 2290 What Is a 2290 Form? The fillable Form 2290 (2023) (Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return) lets you calculate and pay the tax if you have a highway motor vehicle that weighs 55,000 pounds or more. The form collects the information about all the vehicles of this class you have. You can file it as an individual or as any type of business organization. Attach 2 copies of the complete form to the main copy. What I need IRS 2290 form for? This IRS form is used for: paying the yearly tax for each of your heavy highway vehicles; providing the IRS with the information for tax accounting and verification.  You’re not required to fill out the blank form: when the vehicle is not in use during the year. The tax applies only to the vehicles on the go; when your vehicle doesn’t go 5000 miles or more during the tax year; when your farm vehicle doesn’t go 7500 miles or more during the TY.  How to eFile Form 2290? File form 2290 online. There is no paper copy of this form. Filing form 2290 electronically is a simple process. Log in to the e-Services portal. You will not be allowed to file unless you have made the proper preparations. You will need to be registered to a Portal. If you have not done so, you will need to fill out the Form 8833 (see below). You also will need to e-File Authorization (see below). Have your EIN. This is the Employer Identification Number assigned to your business by the IRS. You can get this from the Employer Identification Number (EIN) page. Have your Tax Year. This is what year the IRS thinks you earned your gross taxable motor fuel. You can get this from the Employer Identification Number (EIN) page. Have your Tax Period. This is the period of time (month, quarter, or year) for which you are filing your tax return. After gathering all the information and filling it out, you can e-file a Form 2290 with an official IRS service provider. Organizations that work with form 2290 File the original copy of the form to the IRS Related tax form 2290 tax documents Fillable W-9 Fillable 1099 misc Fillable 1099 int Fillable 1040 Form 1120 Tax IRS Form 1120 F Form 2290 resources Download Form 2290 blank Form 2290 instructions
  • Form 1120-PC Form 1120-PC What Is the IRS Form 1120-PC? The IRS Form 1120-PC, often called the 1120 PC Form, is a U.S. corporate tax return form insurance companies use to report their income, gains, losses, deductions, and credits. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has mandated using this form for insurance companies selling property and casualty insurance policies. Why is the 1120 PC form important? The significance of IRS Form 1120-PC is quite profound for property and casualty insurance companies. This form gives the IRS a clear picture of the company's financial status. By filling out the 1120 PC Form correctly, insurance companies can ensure they meet their tax obligations, avoid potential penalties, and establish a clean audit trail for future reference. When to file IRS form 1120-pc? Typically, the IRS Form 1120-PC is due on the 15th day of the fourth month after the end of the insurance company's tax year. However, if your tax year ends on June 30, the form is due by the 15th day of the third month after the end of the tax year. If the due date falls on a weekend or a public holiday, the deadline is extended to the next business day. How to File the 1120 PC Form? When it comes to filing the 1120 PC Form, there are a few essential details that you need to provide. These include your total assets, total liabilities, capital stock, income made during the year, and any deductions or credits that apply. This information helps the IRS accurately calculate your tax liability. One can file IRS Form 1120-PC electronically or by mail. For those who prefer electronic filing, it ensures a faster, safer, and more accurate process. However, if you are mailing your form, be sure to send it to the correct IRS address for your state. Related to Form 1120-PC Documents IRS Forms 1120 Form 1120-F 1040 Schedule H IRS 1040 NR EZ Form Form 1042 S IRS
  • Form 720 Form 720 What Is Form 720? The IRS 720 Form, or Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return, is a document used each quarter to report and pay your federal excise tax. You have to file Form 720 if you run a small business subject to excise tax such as fishing equipment, gasoline, coal, transportation services, and the like. What Do I Need the 720 Form For? To pay excise taxes on the income your company gets from offering products or services such as tires, vaccines, air transportation, indoor tanning services, etc.; Note that alcohol, firearms, and tobacco are not covered by this form, even though they are subject to excise taxes. If your organization sells these products, you can find the regulations from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Organizations That Work With Form 720 The IRS. Related to Form 720 Documents Form 1120 Tax Form F 1120
  • Form 1120-S Form 1120-S What is IRS Form 1120S? IRS 1120S is the form created by the Internal Revenue Service for S corporations as an income tax return yearly report. S corporations are business structures that were made the way their owners can avoid double taxation. Each shareholder of such companies must fill out income tax return documents on their own and pay taxes for this business as well. What I need the IRS 1120 S for? You need IRS 1120S form if you are an owner of S corporation type business and you have to report on: Company’s income; Business gains during the year; Losses that business may face; Deductions; Credits the company is involved in. The fillable IRS 1120S form is handy when it comes to the yearly report over taxes the business has to pay to the US. The form must be accompanied by B, K, and L forms. They are required for the IRS report. However, the number of attached documents may vary depending on the requirements of the IRS. Filling out Tax Return Form 1120-S You have to send the IRS 1120S form to IRS until the 15th day of the 3rd month of the year. Yet, you can extend the deadline depending on the circumstances. The form requires your complete attention. You have to provide the information on the company’s income, tax, payments, deductions, etc. There are 5 pages in the form. Organizations that work with tax forms 1120S Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service. Related to IRS 1120 S Form Documents Fillable Form 1120 IRS Form 1120 F Fillable Schedule K-1 (Form 1120-S) Fillable 1120-W 1040 NR tax forms 1120-S Form Resources How to get 1120-S Form How to fill out Form 1120-S How to sign Form 1120-S Download blank 1120-S
  • Form 1120-A Form 1120-A What Is Form 1120-A? It is better to find out what is a 1120 tax form before the deadline. This form is also known as US Corporation Short-Form Income Tax Return. Not all corporations are qualified for the document. Before you fill in anything, you have to read the instructions. The Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service created the form for the convenience of corporations. It contains the information that must be recorded and provided to the IRS annually. You have to make sure that the year is appropriate on the blank. Each section contains an explanation in the form, so you can easily fill it out. Make sure you don’t make mistakes in numbers or you will have to send an amended form. You can find form 1120-A on PDFLiner. Check out whether the year matches your report and whether your corporation can fill it. Once you are done that, you can enter the blank and complete it before sending it to the IRS. There are strict deadlines you have to follow. What Do I Need the Form 1120-A For? You can use the 1120 A form if you are a representative of a domestic corporation and need to report the gain, losses, credits, or deductions. Total information on the income during the year must be sent to the IRS; This document is helpful for both corporations and IRS when they need to figure out corporations’ income tax liability; Only specific corporations have to learn what is a form 1120 used for. There is an exemption under the 501 section. Other types, including those that are in bankruptcy of domestic corporations, have to file the form. It does not mean these corporations have taxable income. How to Fill Out Form 1120-A? There are detailed form 1120 A instructions available within the document and separately on the IRS official website. You can check them out before you complete any section. The first thing you have to do is to check whether you need to fill the template in the first place. If you are a suitable candidate for the form, you have to enter it on PDFLiner and fill in the empty sections. Tools available on the editor help to fill the 1120 A tax form with ease. Once you are done, you can send it via email to the IRS or use regular mail. You may download the form, print it, send it online, and save the template. Here is the detailed guide on how to fill out a form 1120: Include the information about yourself in the first place, including the name, address, and ZIP code. Provide the employer ID number and the date when you fill it; Pick the most appropriate box on the return type and put a tick there. Specify the number of total assets; Fill in the information on the income the corporation receives, including gross receipts, dividends, rents, royalties, and net gain; Complete the section on the deductions. There is a detailed explanation of how to do it in the instructions. Provide information on the taxes, rents, interest, total deductions, and taxable income; Include the information on the taxes and payments the corporation registers, mentioning taxable income, refunds, total payments, and overpayments; Put your signature and date. Include the title you have in the corporation. Organizations That Work With Form 1120-A Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service.
  • Schedule K-1 Form 1065 Schedule K-1 Form 1065 What Is IRS Schedule K-1 (Form 1065) 2022? Schedule K-1 Tax Form 1065 is an IRS tax form issued annually for the purpose of documenting the revenue, profits, losses, and credits of each partner within a business entity, as well as other IRS-focused financial details about business partnerships. This document should be prepared by each partner within a business entity. What you need Schedule K-1 (form 1065) for? Schedule K-1 is submitted as part of your Partnership Tax Return, Form 1065, which documents your business entity’s total net revenue. The thing is, in the US, partnerships are treated as the so-called ‘pass-through’ entities. Therefore, tax liability is shifted from the entity to the persons (partners) whose common operation is concentrated on it. And that’s where the Schedule K-1 form comes into play. You have to file the Schedule K-1 (Form 1065) if you’re: Part of a general partnership; Partner within a limited partnership; Operate in a limited liability partnership; Partner within a Limited Liability Company that has chosen to pay their income taxes as a business entity. Luckily, the IRS Schedule K-1 Form 1065 is a single-page document. Bear in mind that you can leave certain parts in your Schedule K-1 Form 1065 blank. It depends on your business specifics. Overall, if filling out the document is challenging, it is advised that you check out the guidelines from the IRS or consult with your bookkeeper to save time. Organizations that work with Schedule K-1 form 1065 IRS IRS Schedule K-1 form 1065 resources Download blank Schedule K-1 Form 1065  IRS Instructions for Schedule K-1 How to get a Schedule K-1 How to fill out Schedule K-1
  • Form 1120-W Form 1120-W What Is Form 1120-W? 1120-W is the form used for evaluating corporations’ tax liability and determining their estimated tax installment amount. A corporation is obliged to submit this blank if it owes at least $500 for the current fiscal year.  What I Need IRS Form 1120 W for you need the fillable 1120-W form for your corporation’s tax liability estimation; and for figuring out the amount of your estimated tax installments; as well as for paying your estimated tax. The installments must be paid by the fifteenth day of the fourth, sixth, ninth, and twelfth months of the fiscal year. In case the due date falls on a holiday or weekend, the payment must be processed within the next business day. How to Fill Out Form 1120-W The 1120-W form is a 3-page (and 3-part) document that may seem challenging to fill out. Read the instructions by the IRS on completion or contact your bookkeeper for help if the task seems way too unclear to you.  Don’t forget that with PDFLiner, you can: find and fill out the PDF of form 1120-W; e-sign it within a matter of just a few minutes; download form 1120-W for further storage; or print it out if that’s your ultimate goal. Bear in mind that with PDFLiner, you’re free to complete your 1120-W blank online without even having to spend time looking for the doc non-stop or scanning it (or even printing it out, for that matter). Let PDFLiner become your go-to tax management solution. Organizations That Work With Form 1120 W The Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Related to Form 1120-W Documents IRS Form 1120-F IRS 1040 NR form Form 3520 1120 form 1040NR-EZ 1040 Schedule H
  • Form 1041 Form 1041 What is IRS Form 1041? IRS 1041 is an official form of tax return that can be used by trusts and estates. This form may be familiar to you as the American Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts. If a trust or estate reports the expenses and income, they use this form. Yet, it is not the 706 form, which is a different document. In the form IRS 1041, you report the income that was earned by the decedent's trust or estate after death. What I need the 1041 Tax Form for? This form is required by the US officials that require all the information about the tax return for trusts and estates; IRS 1041 form is required by the owner of the trust or estate; You need the form to fill out your tax return and expenses yearly. This form usually contains various attachments of significant documents. For example, it is accompanied by W-2 and W-3 forms. The whole list of forms can be found on the official website of the IRS. Filling out IRS 1041 You can fill out this form on your own. However, you must carefully read everything that is demanded in the form. It has 29 small boxes to be filled out. Besides, there are a few schedules to complete. Start with giving them information about: Trustor estate address and name; Identification number of the employer; Fiduciary detailed address. There are step-by-step instructions that you may find on the IRS website as well. Read them before you start filling out the form. After everything is done, you can send the form to the officials. You can check the address from the paycheck that will be attached to the form. Organizations that work with 1041 Form The IRS; The US Income Tax Return officials.
  • IRS 1065 Form (2022) IRS 1065 Form (2022) What Is IRS 1065 2022? IRS Form  1065 PDF is an official form required by taxpayers who formed a partnership with each other. IRS 1065 is also known as the US Return of Partnership Income. It must be filled for the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service. You may include only business and trade expenses and income in it. What I need the IRS 1065 2022 for? Form IRS 1065 is used by taxpayers in partnership to declare their profits, deductions, losses, and their credits; The document shows the expenses made by a business partnership and can indicate the real situation in this business; Internal Revenue Service requires this document to check upon the partnership business. This form is usually accompanied by the Schedule K-1 document. The Schedule K-1 document must be filled out by both partners separately. However, the IRS 1065 form must be completed by both of them.  Where to Get Editable Form 1065 PDF Basically, there are two ways to get the fillable version of form 1065: Download it from the official IRS website and then use a PDF editor to fill it out. Get the current version of the form here on PDFLiner and fill it out right away. Filling Out IRS 1065 Form PDF This form is 5 pages long. You have to pay attention to every line and section in it. Make sure you don’t make mistakes in tax numbers. It is better to read all the sections in the form and to learn how to fill it out before you actually start doing it. Start with filling out the name of your business partnership, address, ZIP code, phones, name of the main product, the code number of your business, date business started and total assets number; You will need to fill out your yearly sales, gross receipts; There is a section dedicated to expenses: employee wages, rent, bad debts, possible loans if you have ones; The stake of each partner in this partnership is also required.   Organizations that work with form 1065 fillable PDF  Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service. IRS 1065 form resources How to get form 1065 How to fill out form 1065 How to sign Form 1065 Form 1065 instructions PDF
  • Form 720 (March 2023) Form 720 (March 2023) Form 720 (March 2023) ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • Form 7004 Form 7004 What is IRS Form 7004? IRS Form 7004 is the form required by the Internal Revenue Service in case your business needs to prolong the date of the tax return. By filling IRS 7004, you will receive an automatic extension. However, this form works only if you have a partnership, S corporation, or corporation type of the business. What I need the IRS 7004 for? IRS 7004 form must be filled by any corporation, partnership, or S corporation that: Wants to extend the time given to apply the tax forms; Has specific reasons to prolong the tax form completion; Missed the deadline for filing the tax declaration. This form does not provide the right to delay paying your taxes. You still have to pay for everything on time. This form allows delaying the date only to specific types of business. It does not require any other form to be filled out. Filling out IRS 7004 IRS 7004 form must be filled out and sent to the IRS. It can also be submitted electronically via the IRS website. The form is easy to fill out. There are several sections which you have to complete: Provide the IRS with data on your company’s name, address, contact number; The explanation for the extension you want to take. There is a 5 months extension available for 1065, 1041, and 8804 forms. And there is a 6-month extension as well, for other forms; Choose the return that is necessary for you in the form; Provide the tax numbers you have to pay; Sign up for the document. Organizations that work with IRS 7004 Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service. Related to Form 7004 Documents 1120 a Tax Form Form F-1120

What Are Entity Tax Returns?

Let’s start with an undeniable fact: your business structure influences an array of aspects, including your tax responsibilities. With that said, opting for the right structure of your operation determines whether your taxes will be extremely complex and a rip-off or easily-dealt-with and affordable. Now, when it comes to entity tax, it’s a broad notion that covers any tax in accordance with which the company or any of the company’s subsidiaries is liable to tax. Therefore, entity tax returns are forms utilized for reporting this tax. On paper, it’s pretty straightforward. But when it comes to any tax issue, the topic deserves deeper coverage.

Most Popular IRS Entity Tax Returns

If you’re currently interested in taxation for business entities, the following widely used forms are probably among your focal points, as well.

  1. Form 2290. Also referred to as Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return, this document is utilized for calculating and paying the annual tax for a highway motor vehicle weighing 55,000 or more. The file gathers data about all vehicles within this class in your possession. 
  2. Form 1120-S. Designed and issued by the IRS for S-corporations, this document is utilized for reporting your corp’s annual revenue. As you’re probably aware, S-corporations are the best-suiting business structures to aid you in avoiding double taxation. 
  3. Schedule K-1 Form 1065. Filed as part of your 1065 Form (also known as Partnership Tax Return), this doc is a must-complete when it comes to recording your business’s total net revenue. The purpose of this form is to document the earnings, losses, and credits of each partner of a business organization, along with other tax-related financial data in relation to business partnerships. The file should be assessed by each partner in a business entity. The form contains sensitive financial information, so go the extra mile if you want it to stay properly protected.
  4. Form 1120. Also referred to as Corporation Income Tax Return, this document is utilized to aid US corps in pinpointing and reporting their earnings and spendings. Issued by the tax authorities, the document must be assessed by the fourth month after the corp’s tax year resumes. You’re welcome to fill out this form online while making the most of our useful editing functionality. All the templates offered by PDFLiner are effortlessly modifiable.
  5. Form 7004. Does your business need to prolong the date of the tax return? Then this form is your best choice. Sort out this form and get an automatic extension. So, whether you missed the deadline or have other reasons for extending the time given to file your tax return, Form 7004 is exactly what you need. And it’s up for grabs right here and right now on PDFLiner. Bear in mind that the document suits your situation only if you operate as a partnership, S corporation, or any corporation. Also, remember that the form will not help you delay your tax payments. Paying on time is a must.

Last but not least, if you want your tax affairs to be in order, consider how you legally organize your business. Study the classification of business structures, analyze business entity comparison charts, and get the full picture of tax responsibilities for each type of business. That way, you are guaranteed to succeed in taking your tax tasks to the next level.

Where to Get Entity Tax Return Forms

The fastest and easiest way to lay your hands on these forms is by finding the right one in our vast library of templates. Absolutely, you can find the necessary template on the IRS official site, but there, you won’t be granted the outstanding possibility to complete the form online and modify it to suit your most complex needs.

In case any of the forms is too complicated for you to fill out, don’t hesitate to consult a reliable bookkeeper or ask them to deal with all the complicated stuff for you. This not-so-money-saving strategy is sure to pay off very soon. With all that said, knowing what you need and where to look for it is among the key success strategies in dealing with your entity tax return submission. And the best answer to all this is here on PDFLiner.

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