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What is Subscription and Account Cancellation Form?

You usually need an account cancellation form whenever you want to cancel any subscription you were signed up for. Sometimes it can be a monthly subscription or yearly, free of charge or paid one. You have to notify the service provider that you no longer wish to be a subscriber. If the company does not have its own template, you may either use the universal one you can find on PDFLiner or anywhere on the Internet or you can create your own.

Write a letter to the company asking to cancel your subscription. Don’t forget to name the reasons why you no longer wish to receive and use the services.
Business owners who provide services also have to make sure that they placed a template on the website that is easy to reach the client. If the client no longer wishes to use the services there must not be any trap to make him/her stay longer. The cancellation process must be available.

Subscription and Account Cancellation on PDFLiner

What I need the Subscription Cancellation Form Template for?

  • You can use an account form template as a business owner who wants to stay popular among customers and attract a new audience. In this case, you have to take care of the simple way out if the client no longer wishes to receive your services. You have to make sure that the cancellation process of the subscription is there and visible;
  • You can use the cancellation form to check out what services clients don’t like and what you can fix about it. Ask the clients to share the reason for their decision and analyze the answers. You can significantly improve business or fix the problem;
  • As a customer, you need to use this form whenever you want to stop your subscription.

How to Fill Out Subscription and Account Cancellation Form?

The cancellation form template is usually created and provided by the company that supplies some services to the clients. This form allows clients who no longer wish to be subscribers to easily get out of this service. They can send the form either online or by mail, based on the company’s rules. The form must be visible and available to everyone from the moment they join the subscription. It is better to make the template short and simple, so clients would not waste the time searching for the boxes they have to pick. PDFLiner offers universal templates for this which you can use in your business. Here is what you need to include on the form in the first place:

  1. Create the logo of your company and place it at the beginning in the center of the page;
  2. Describe the options your clients have once they use this form. They can either cancel part of the subscription, full membership, or some services they choose not to use. It may save your client and promote your business;
  3. Ask for the name and the ID that was given to the client after the subscription was signed;
  4. Ask for the email address of the client;
  5. Let the client describe the reason for the cancellation. Provide enough space for this section;
  6. Ask the client to sign the form.

Filling Subscription and Account Cancellation on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with Subscription and Account Cancellation Form

  • Everyone who orders a subscription needs to cancel.

Fillable online Subscription Cancellation Form
(4.8 / 5) 40 votes
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