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What is a tenant rental ledger?

A tenant rental ledger is a special reporting form used in the real estate business. This document lists all the transactions for rent, late payments, deposits, debts, fees, and other details. It is a one-page form that usually does not require any other supporting documents to be attached to the transaction.

What do I need the tenant rental ledger for?

  • The tenant rental ledger card is required by both parties to keep track of all transactions and debts.

  • A properly completed tenant rental ledger form ensures that both the tenant and the landlord are on the same page.

  • In the event of litigation, such records serve as evidence of the timely or late receipt of payments.

  • If you, as a tenant, pay your rent on time, you can use a printable rental ledger template to prove your reliability in obtaining a loan.

Organizations that work with a tenant rental ledger:

  • Property managers;

  • Real estate services.

How to fill out a tenant rental ledger?

Step 1: To fill out the tenant rental ledger template, open it in our editor.
Step 2: In the document's header, you need to indicate the full address of the leased premises, the details of the owner and tenant, and the period for which the premises were rented.

Tenant Rental Ledger screenshot step 1
Step 3: Most of the tenant rental ledger PDF is a table with a list of transactions. Enter information about receipts, debts, deposits, fees, and the amount due.

Tenant Rental Ledger screenshot step 2
Step 4: Using our editor allows you to update the information in the document as new payments and debts are provided.
Step 5: Property managers are responsible for filling out a Rental Ledger template Download the finished document to your device or send it to the tenant via email or link.

Fillable online Tenant Rental Ledger
(4.6 / 5) 39 votes
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