Form 990 (Schedule R)


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What Is Form 990 Schedule R

Also known as ‘Related Organizations and Unrelated Partnerships,’ Form 990 Schedule R is an attachment to the annual information return for tax-exempt organizations (Form 990). Its main purpose is to gather detailed information about a tax-exempt organization's relationships with other entities, including subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partnerships.

Schedule R helps the IRS assess potential conflicts of interest, transactions with related entities, and compliance with tax regulations for tax-exempt organizations.

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Who Should Use Schedule R Form 990

The document is designed for use by tax-exempt organizations that have complex organizational structures or engage in transactions with related entities. Organizations meeting the following criteria should use Schedule R:

  • tax-exempt organizations, including charities and nonprofits;
  • enterprises with subsidiary entities;
  • entities involved in partnerships or joint ventures;
  • those with transactions involving related organizations that require disclosure for transparency and regulatory compliance.

Filling Out IRS Form 990 Schedule R

Need some help with completing the form? We’ve got you covered. Follow these 13 important steps for success:

  1. Find the corresponding template in the PDFLiner’s vast catalog of free premade templates.
  2. Launch the file and start filling it out.
  3. Make the most of our platform’s digital editing features to save tons of your precious time.
  4. Provide your entity's details, including its name, EIN, and tax year.
  5. List all related tax-exempt and taxable organizations. Include their EINs, types, and relationships.
  6. Disclose details of any partnerships, including EINs, types, and income/loss allocations.
  7. If applicable, detail any controlled entities not considered related organizations.
  8. Explain any additional information about related or unrelated organizations as required.
  9. Disclose any transfers or transactions with related entities.
  10. Leave your signature and date the document.
  11. Ensure that all necessary attachments are included.
  12. If needed, save the document within the PDFLiner’s cloud-based system for further editing.
  13. Alternatively, print the form out upon completion.

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Remember to be thorough, accurate, and timely in your reporting to maintain compliance and transparency. Consult IRS Schedule R Form 990 instructions for specific details and address a tax professional for confusing situations.

Where to File IRS Schedule R Form 990

Submit Schedule R along with your Form 990 to the Internal Revenue Service. The address for submission may vary depending on your organization's location and the specific form instructions. Refer to the most recent IRS guidelines or the Form 990 instructions for the correct mailing address to ensure well-timed and faultless submission.

Fillable online Form 990 (Schedule R)
(5 / 5) 72 votes
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