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What is Form 8959?

The 8959 Form is an application that is used to calculate additional medicare tax. It needs to be completed only by those whose medicare wages are over the established threshold. This document is an addition to your main tax return.

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What do I need the 8959 tax form for?

  • It is required to be completed by all taxpayers whose RRTA compensations and medicare wages are more than $250,000 for joint and $200,000 for single filers.
  • What is IRS Form 8959 used for? It is used to make accurate calculations and determine the amount of extra tax.
  • If you are a W-2 worker, your employer will likely withhold this extra tax from your salary. So check with your payroll department before filling out and paying Form 8959 tax.

How to Fill Out Tax Form 8959?

Do not complete Form 8959 Additional Medicare Tax in full. Select and fill in only the parts that apply to your situation:

Step 1: Include your full name at the beginning of the file. The first section is devoted to medicare wages. It needs to be completed if you get a W-2 salary.

Step 2: Fill in the second section if you are self-employed. For calculations, you need information from your tax return’s Schedule SE.

Step 3: If you receive RRTA compensations, complete the third section. To do it, you need data from your W-2.

Step 4: Sum the totals for all parts completed according to the Form 8959 instructions to get the overall additional tax.

Step 5: Calculate the total tax withholding and enter this data on Form 1040. The completed additional medicare tax form 8959 should also be attached to your return.

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Organizations that work with tax form 8959

  • IRS
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(4.7 / 5) 90 votes
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