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What is Form 8922 (2022)?

Form 8922 is used to coordinate employment tax returns with W-2s when third-party sick pay is involved. It’s obligatory for employers to fill the form in case any sick pay is reported under the name and EIN of the agent or insurer. Please note that the form for the current tax year must be filed by March 1, 2021. 

What I need form 8922 for?

Form 8922 is fillable only by employers or insurers/agents, which means taxpayers don’t need to fill out this form. The main purpose of this tax form is to recap third-party sick pay, and the IRS considers this form 8922 obligatory for every business who works with some disability benefit provider. Failure to file this form results in penalties, so make sure to check whether your company needs it.

How to Fill Out Form 8922 (2022)?

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Filling out this form is easy, just follow these steps:

  • First of all, enter your company’s name, street address, and other necessary information in the first field of the form. Also make sure to check the appropriate box to specify whether your company is an insurer/agent or an employer. Then enter your employer identification number (EIN);
  • The second part of form 8922 requires that you enter other party’s name and EIN. If you’re an employer, you need to enter the name of your insurer/agent. And if your business works with multiple insurers/agents, there must be a separate form 8922 for every contract;
  • If the Insurer/Agent box is checked, you don’t have to provide the name and EIN of the employer, so you may leave the corresponding fields blank. But if you work with multiple businesses, you need to file a separate form 8922 for every contract, too;
  • In the third part, you need to enter the total sick pay amounts and the amounts of taxes withheld from sick pay.

Organizations that work with form 8922

  • Businesses and insurers/agents.
Fillable online Form 8922 (2022)
(5 / 5) 1 votes
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