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What is Form 8886?

The 8886 form is called Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement. The IRS has created the form to help taxpayers to record the specific transaction and avoid anything illegal. Taxpayers can easily participate in the money transaction which the IRS believes has a thin line to the avoidance of the tax, if the department is notified of this move.

While it is illegal to avoid paying taxes, nobody said anything about looking for more ways to cut taxes in a legal way. Even if the IRS may disagree with you about this, they don’t mind helping taxpayers till there is nothing illegal involved.

A taxpayer who has the reportable transaction needs to file form 8886 in advance. It is required by the IRS to make sure that the transaction is still legal. However, this is not the most popular tax template. You may have never found out what is form 8886 if you were never involved in the reportable transaction.

Form 8886 on PDFLiner

What I need the Form 8886 for?

  • You need to use IRS form 8886 to notify the IRS on every reportable transaction of which you were a part. You have to make sure that you are a part of the process before you fill out the form. You can read the guide to the reportable transaction and its participants in advance;
  • Use the form you see to report one transaction. According to the IRS regulations you have to use the form each time you provide reportable transactions. Don’t add all of them into one template. Yet, if your transactions are the same you can use only one blank for them. They can be substantially similar as well.

How to Fill Out Form 8886?

The tax form 8886 is available on the official IRS website. You will find a brief description of the form, instructions, and the document itself available for download. However, the IRS does not offer any editing tools that allow you to fill out the form online. Unlike PDFLiner which provides a wide range of instruments apart from the forms you need, IRS can only help you with an introduction to the template.

If you want to complete the 8886 form IRS while you are online, enter it via PDFLiner. After you fill it out, save it to the device, send the copy to the IRS or print it and use the regular mail. It is up to you. Now, follow these instructions to complete the blank:

  1. Add the tax return to the form in the first place;
  2. Provide your name, ID number, and address;
  3. Answer simple questions on your tax return, and pick the most appropriate boxes to put ticks inside;
  4. Provide information on the entity type, name, EIN, and Schedule K-1 date if there is any;
  5. Share information on every entity or individual to who was paid the fee, including its amount;
  6. Name the type of the tax benefit in section 7a;
  7. Describe the nature and the amount of the tax treatment that is expected. Share the information on the tax benefits you expect;
  8. Provide information on the people or entities that are part of the transaction and are foreign, tax-exempt, or somehow related.

Form 8886 on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with Form 8886

  • Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service.

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Fillable online Form 8886
(4.5 / 5) 83 votes
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