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What is Form 8288-A 2024?

The 8288 A form is called Statement of Withholding on Dispositions by Foreign Persons of US Real Property Interests. This document is used with another form 8288. It is a well-known statement for the transferees and buyers. You may need this form if you work with a foreigner or are a foreigner who needs to dispose of real estate that is located in the US.

While the IRS 8288 A form does not help to sell the property or to make an agreement before the seller and buyer, it helps to report that there were withholding made on the amount of money received during the procedure.

The document was created by the IRS. You don’t need to complete the 8288 A IRS form if you are a local citizen of the US. However, if you are a foreigner or represent the interests of a foreign client, you have to send the completed form before the deadline, once the deal is made between two parties.

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What I need the Form 8288-A for?

  • According to the official form 8288 A instructions, every foreigner who sells property on the territory of the United States of America has to fill out the document, to report the amount of money withheld as tax during the buying-selling procedure;
  • The IRS form 8288-A can be used by the real estate agent who works with foreign clients in the territory of the US if they sell the property. In this case, the real estate agent has to make sure that the document is filled, signed by the foreign owner of the property, and send by the deadline;
  • The IRS requires the form to keep the track of the withheld amount of money.

How to Fill Out Form 8288-A for 2024?

You can learn how to complete form 8288 A here on PDFLiner, where you can also find the document. You may fill it out online, by entering the form from this page. It is not that complicated but you need to be direct with the numbers. Once you complete the document, following all IRS form 8288-A instructions, you can print it out, download it on your device, and send it to the IRS.

The document contains 5 pages. The 5th has helpful IRS form 8288 A instructions. Here is what you need to include in the form:

  • Write down the withholding agent information, including name, address, city, and ZIP;
  • Include the date of transfer, and federal tax income;
  • Write down the federal ID number of the withholding agent and foreign person;
  • Name the foreign person, address, and city of residence;
  • Put the amount that is realized, and the gain that was recognized by the non-US corporation;
  • Describe the property that was transferred;
  • Put a tick in the appropriate box in section 6 about the person that is subject to withholding;
  • Name the country code;
  • Include the mailing address of the person who is the withholding subject if it differs from the address you have already included.

Organizations that work with Form 8288-A 2024

  • The Internal Revenue Service of the US.
Fillable online Form 8288-A (2023)
(4.7 / 5) 48 votes
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