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Understanding VA Form 760 ES

Form 760 ES, also known as the Virginia Estimated Income Tax Payment Vouchers for Individuals, is essential for taxpayers in the US. This highly specific state tax form is intended primarily for the residents of Virginia and is mandatory for certain taxpayers to comply with state tax obligations.

Delving deeper into Virginia state tax form 760 ES

Known more widely as the Virginia form 760 ES, this crucial document requires taxpayers to estimate their taxation amount for the year. This is particularly applicable if you anticipate owing $150 or more in taxes after subtracting income tax withheld and credits. The estimated tax is meant to cover sources that don't have deductions, like self-employment, interest, dividends, and capital gains.

How to Fill Out Virginia Form 760 ES

For most taxpayers in Virginia, figuring out to complete this Virginia form is one of the most critical aspects. You don't need to worry, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Starting with the first section, 'Calendar Year', you need to enter the relevant year in which you're filing the tax.
  2. 'Due Date' is the next required section. Choose the exact due date for the tax payment.
  3.  Proceed to the 'Individual Estimated Income Tax' field, where you have four different boxes to fill. The first one should already be filled with the amount of estimated tax you owe. 
  4. Go to the next box 'Amount of Overpayment credited from last year's return'. Here you should enter any overpayment amount from last year that you want to apply to this year.
  5. Box 'Amount Paid with Form 760ES' is where you need to enter the amount of payment you sent along with this form. 
  6. For the next field, subtract the amounts in box 2 and box 3 from box 1. This is your 'Balance Due'.
  7. Proceed to the 'Name and Address' section. Enter your full legal name, physical address, city, state and ZIP code in the appropriate fields.
  8. Fill in your social security number in the designated field.
  9. If you are filing jointly with a spouse, you need to also key in your spouse's full legal name and social security number.
  10. If there's a suffix (like Jr., Sr., III) to your name, input it in the field below.
  11. Opt for a preferable payment method you plan to use to pay the estimated tax. Whether it’s via check/money order, credit card, or online.
  12. Ensure you check all the entered data to confirm that it is correct. Once satisfied with the information provided,  you may download, print, or share the form 760 ES.

When to use Virginia tax form 760 ES

If you receive income that's not subject to withholding taxes, such as income from self-employment, rental properties, dividends, or interest, it becomes necessary to use form 760 ES Virginia. This form ensures that taxpayers maintain their obligations to pay periodic estimated tax payments throughout the tax year. By doing so, you avoid the potential financial burden of an unexpectedly large tax bill at the end of the year.

Fillable online Form 760-ES
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