Form 549, Cancellation of Tenant Representation Agreement


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Comprehensive Guideline to Form 549: Cancellation of Tenant Representation Agreement

Navigating through real estate transactions can be a challenging endeavor, most especially if you lack the proper documentation. Among the essential documents for these transactions is Form 549. It is a standard representation agreement cancellation form for tenants. 

Form 549 operates within the parameters of property law, permitting tenants to revoke real estate broker representation contracts within an agreed time frame. Utilizing this form ensures a legal and fair termination of such agreements, thereby protecting tenant rights and reducing the likelihood of any legal dispute between the real estate broker and tenant.

Importance of 549 form in real estate transactions

The 549 form serves to reinforce fair practice within the real estate sector. It provides a professional and legal approach to contract cancellation, thereby ensuring respectful interaction between the tenant and broker. It is, therefore, essential to have an understanding of this form whether you are a tenant wishing to end representation with a broker, or a broker providing options for client termination agreements.

How to Fill Out Form 549

Here's a detailed guide on how to complete the cancellation of tenant representation agreement template:

  1. Begin by identifying the type of agency agreement you and the firm entered into. You will find multiple options listed, such as Exclusive Right to Lease And/Or Sell Listing Agreement, Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement, Exclusive Right to Lease Listing Agreement, and various forms of Buyer/Tenant Representation Agreement. Check the appropriate box that applies to your initial agreement.
  2. Next, provide a description of the property that was listed under the agreement in the space provided. This description should match the one used in the original agency agreement to avoid any discrepancies.
  3. Specify the effective date of the original agency agreement in the space provided. This is the date on which the initial agreement you are terminating became effective.
  4. Enter the expiration date of the original agency agreement. This is the date on which the agreement was scheduled to end before deciding to terminate it.
  5. Proceed to the section titled "Termination of Agreement." Acknowledge that by signing this form, all rights and obligations arising from the original agency agreement are terminated. Both parties, the client and the firm, will release each other from their respective obligations under the agreement.
  6. In the "Release from Liability" section, acknowledge that both the client and the firm release and forever discharge each other and their respective successors from all claims, demands, rights, and causes of action arising from the original agreement and the agency relationship. Note, however, that this release does not affect obligations regarding compensation for transactions with registered prospects during the protection period specified in the original agreement.
  7. If applicable, fill in the "Expense Reimbursement" section. Enter the amount that you, as the client, agree to reimburse the firm for expenses incurred in connection with the agreement. Confirm receipt of this amount by the firm.
  8. Sign and date the form in the designated spaces. If you are signing as an individual, simply provide your signature and date. If you are signing on behalf of a business entity, include the entity’s name, your name, your title, and the date. Also, you can use the send to sign function.
  9. Ensure the firm also completes their part of the form, including the firm's name, the signature of the authorized individual, their name, and the date.

Benefits of using an online 549 form

Accessing and filling out an online 549 form comes with several benefits. One of these includes the ease of filling out the form from any location and at any time. Also, the PDFliner website saves you from possible loss or misplacement of paper documents.

The capability of saving and retrieving your documents easily, coupled with the environmental friendliness of paperless transactions, make the digital process a more appealing choice. You can also use PDFliner's built-in AI assistant if you have any questions.

Fillable online Form 549, Cancellation of Tenant Representation Agreement
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