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What Is Form 3903

Also known as Moving Expenses, Form 3903 is an IRS document utilized by taxpayers to report eligible moving expenses incurred during a qualified relocation for work. It helps individuals claim deductions related to moving expenses, which can include costs for transporting household goods and personal effects, travel to the new residence, and lodging expenses. Properly completed Tax Form 3903 can lead to tax deductions and reduce taxable income.

What Are Tax Deductible Moving Expenses

Tax-deductible moving expenditures include:

  • transportation of domestic items and private possessions;
  • travel costs to the new residence, including mileage, lodging, and meals;
  • temporary storage of belongings;
  • costs related to selling the old home or securing a new one;
  • disconnecting or connecting utilities;
  • shipping pets.

To qualify, the move must be work-related and meet distance and time tests. Keep detailed records and consult the IRS guidelines for specifics.

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How to Fill Out IRS Form 3903

Completing the form involves several steps to ensure accurate reporting of eligible moving costs. Here are step-by-step 3903 form instructions from our experts:

  1. Find the pre-made form 3903 PDF in the form catalog within the PDFLiner’s online file-management platform.
  2. Open the template and start filling it out online via PDFLiner.
  3. Indicate your name, Social Security Number, and the tax year for which you're claiming the deduction.
  4. Ensure that your move meets the IRS criteria for work-related relocation, including the distance and time tests.
  5. Itemize and calculate the total of all eligible moving expenditures incurred during the move. This includes transportation, storage, and lodging costs.
  6. Report any reimbursements or payments received from your employer for the same moving expenses Form 3903.
  7. Subtract any employer reimbursements from your total expenditure to determine the deductible amount.
  8. Maintain detailed records of all expenditures and supporting documents in case of an audit.
  9. Sign and date the doc to confirm its validity.
  10. Include the 3903 Form with your return when filing.

Following the aforelisted steps and maintaining accurate records is essential to report eligible moving expense deductions. Consult the IRS instructions for Form 3903 for specific details and changes in tax laws.

How to File Form 3903 Moving Expenses

To submit the form, include it with your annual return. Attach it securely and ensure all relevant details are filled out accurately. If you file electronically, follow your chosen tax preparation software's instructions for including Form 3903. Opt for PDFLiner for maximum efficiency. Keep records of all supporting documents and spendings for reference in case of an IRS audit.


  • How much is the tax deduction for moving expenses?

    The tax deduction for moving expenses varies, but you can typically deduct eligible costs incurred during a qualified work-related relocation. Always consult the latest IRS guidelines for updated information.

  • Do you need receipts to claim moving expenses?

    Yes, you generally need receipts and supporting docs to claim moving expenditures as tax deductions. Keep records of expenses related to your move, including receipts for transportation, lodging, and storage costs. These documents are crucial for substantiating your deductions in case of an IRS audit.

  • How to calculate moving expenses?

    Sum up eligible costs related to a qualified work-related relocation. Include expenses for transportation, lodging, temporary storage, and travel. Subtract any reimbursements received from your employer. Keep accurate records and consult IRS guidelines to determine which spendings are deductible and to calculate the deductible amount correctly.

Fillable online Form 3903
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