Form 248, Entry Access to Property - Tenant Acknowledgement


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What Is Form 248?

Working through the intricate dynamics of relationships between landlords and tenants typically requires open conversation and well-defined guidelines. One crucial document utilized in this process is Form 248, also known as the Entry Access to Property - Tenant Acknowledgement. This OREA form plays a pivotal role in ensuring both parties know their rights and responsibilities regarding the entry to a rented property.

Importance of the legal form 248

OREA Form 248 formalizes the agreement between landlords and tenants about how and when a landlord can enter the property. It also details advance notice requirements, thus upholding respect and communication between tenants and landlords.

It guarantees tenants that their landlord or property manager will not barge in without any prior notice, establishing mutual respect and understanding. Conversely, Form 248 offers landlords and property managers a security blanket, a means to safeguard their property from potential harm, misuse, or neglect by tenants.

How to Fill Out Form 248 Effectively

Completing Form 248 correctly is essential for it to be legally binding and effective. Here are a few steps to take when filling out this form:

  1. Begin by entering the names and details of the Seller/Landlord, Tenant(s), and Brokerage involved in the transaction. You'll find designated areas on the form to input these details. Ensure all information is accurate to reflect the parties involved in the agreement.
  2. Proceed to specify the property details, including address and description, in the section marked for the PROPERTY. This should be complete and accurate to avoid any discrepancies or legal issues.
  3. Next, detail the purpose(s) of entry/access to the property. The form lists multiple blank spaces where you can describe each purpose such as Home Inspection, Appraisal, Contractor Inspection, Showing, etc. For each purpose, you will also need to provide details of entry/access including the date, time, and nature of the access.
  4. In the section concerning brokerage representatives, list all individuals who may be present during the access. This section ensures that all participants are properly identified and authorized to be on the premises.
  5. If applicable, consent for photography or video recording during the property access should be noted. The form provides space for tenants to acknowledge and consent to the taking of photographs/videos as required.
  6. Use the additional comments section to include any other relevant information or special instructions that have not been covered in the other sections of the form.
  7. Once all sections are filled out, move to the signature lines at the bottom of the form. The tenant(s) must sign and date the form to validate the acknowledgment and consent for entry/access as stipulated.
  8. Finally, review all the information entered to ensure everything is correct and complete. Make any necessary adjustments. Once satisfied, save the changes and download the completed form for your records or share it directly from PDFliner as required.

Why using PDFliner is a great choice for handling form 248

Utilizing PDFliner to handle Form 248 can significantly streamline the process. PDFliner ensures that all data entered is securely saved and can be easily accessed or modified when needed. Additionally, features such as electronic signatures or send-to-sign future and the option to directly email completed forms from the platform enhance its utility.

Fillable online Form 248, Entry Access to Property - Tenant Acknowledgement
(5 / 5) 84 votes
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