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What is the Fit and Proper Person Form?

The fit and proper person NZ is a standard form required by any applicant who wants to receive permission or a license. The template is made to prove that the person is suitable for this allowance. The document was created by the New Zealand Government and must be filled out by the residents of the country.

Based on the specific case, the government can accept your request without this form. However, if the officials ask you to fill it out, you have to provide the data and fill out the document. It is widely used for licenses, movement permissions, or even temporal settlement permissions. The government keeps the right to send the form to the business owners within the country. Usually, it is filled by those people who are responsible for making decisions.

Government can provide the form to the managers who take part in daily decisions in vital spheres of NZ's economic and political life. The form contains data about the person's past and current address. It must be approved by the officials.

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What I need the Fit and Proper Person Form for?

  • You have to fill out a fit and proper person form from the NZ officials if you are working on critical positions that contain communication with other people and decision-making. This is the form for managers and business owners. However, the government can easily send the form to anyone who wants to receive a license of any kind;
  • The Government of NZ requests fit and proper person application form from the citizens of NZ who obtain a wide range of positions connected to management. This template can be used for anyone trying to receive the license. It contains basic answers to mandatory questions, following which the government can decide whether the person is trustable or not.

How to fill out the Fit and Proper Person Form?

The definition of fit and proper person document is simple and easy to understand. You have to fill out the document sent by the government to prove that you are trustworthy and can obtain the position you have or receive the license. The document is not that complicated. It contains three pages with detailed explanations for each section you need to fill.

You can find the template on the official NZ government website or PDFLiner. Fill it out online using PDFLiner’s editing tools and send it back to the officials. Save the copy on your device. If you receive the document from the government, you can send it back in several days. Make sure there are no mistakes in the answers. Here is what you need to include there:

  1. Provide information about you, including name, nationality, place of birth and date, phone number, email, and address;
  2. Confirm your identity by putting the tick in the matching box of the questionnaire;
  3. Provide information about your previous activities, answering mandatory questions;
  4. Provide information on your criminal history if you have one;
  5. Sign the document and write down the current date.

Organizations that work with Fit and Proper Person Form

  • New Zealand Government;
  • New Zealand Mining Board of Examiners.
Fillable online Fit and proper person
(5 / 5) 82 votes
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