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What is Genogram? 

A genogram is a way to look at your family tree over several generations. It is a great memory for your children and an excellent opportunity to see all your ancestors. 

What I need Genogram for? 

A genogram helps people to know themselves and their families better. It can be constituted by anybody independently or with the help of other people. A genogram helps to visualize all genealogical lines you have, learn the story of each member of your family, and leave the memory about yourself. 

Filling out Genogram

There is only one page in the document. It tells in detail what a genogram is, why you need it and how to start making it. In most cases, you just need a pencil and a sheet of paper. It is recommended to have a large pile of paper because your family tree will grow much bigger than you can even imagine. 

Where to take the information for a genogram? Of course, your relatives are the easiest and one of the most trusted sources of it.  But if you want to go dipper, you can contact local archives. 

Organizations that work with Genogram

  • Curious Individuals
  • Historians
Fillable online Family Tree Chart
(4.7 / 5) 48 votes
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