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What is Employee Hourly Invoice Template?

An hourly invoice template is a form you can find on the Internet or create by yourself to track the hours you or the worker has spent on the project. This document simplifies the payment procedure since it records the time and the action that was spent on work and must be paid for according to the agreement.

It is widely used among contractors and their clients. If you are an independent worker you can agree upon sending an invoice for hourly work to the person who hired you. You calculate the amount of work that was done and hours that were spent, and your client has to pay due to the deadline.

The template can be used by both individual workers and companies. Based on the previous agreement you can add more sections in the document to provide an advanced description of the hours you’ve spent there. However, if you want to simplify the procedure, you can use a standard invoice template for hourly work.

Hourly Invoice on PDFLiner

What I need the Hourly Invoice Template for?

  • You need an hourly invoice if you are an employee who receives the payment for every hour of work. If you agree with the client to provide any type of work for an hourly payment, you have to record this work and the hours you’ve spent;
  • An employer needs a printable hourly invoice template to check out what was done during the day by employees and how many hours it took. If an employer hires an individual contractor for the hourly payment, there must be a schedule and invoice with the job described;
  • The company that sends employees to the individual projects also requires a self employed hourly invoice template from them to make sure that the payment was calculated properly. This document will be included in the tax calculations.

How to Fill Out Employee Hourly Invoice?

The hourly invoice template free of charge can be easily found on PDFLiner. This service is an online editor with an impressive catalog of forms. You will find there the standard template which you still can design and modify up to your personal case. Yet, you can still use the template without any changes.

Save it to your device or keep it in the personal library on PDFLiner so you can easily reach it once you need to write down the hours you’ve spent working or provide it to the employee you’ve hired. You can fill it out on your device and print it if you need or just send it via email to another party. Make sure you’ve provided all the information you’ve agreed upon with the employer/employee. Here is what you need to write down in the form:

  1. Name the company that provides services, including the title, address, email, and phone number the company can be easily reached;
  2. Indicate the number of the invoice, and the date when the document was created;
  3. Provide information on the customer or client, including the full name, address, and phone if you need it;
  4. Fill the table with the information about the work that was done, including the detailed description, hours that were spent there, payment for the hour you’ve agreed upon, and the amount of money each particular work costs;
  5. Calculate the total amount of money that must be paid, the subtotal, taxes, and discount if there is any;
  6. Provide comments if you need them and remind the customer about the deadline.

Hourly Invoice on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with Hourly Invoice Template

  • Any US-based company or individual contractors that work for hourly payments.

How to make an invoice for hourly work?

You can always create the invoice by yourself. You will need to name the company you work with or provide your personal data as an individual contractor, calculate the payment, and describe the work you are doing. You still have to agree upon the payment with the client who hires you in advance. However, the design of the form may take extra time and distract you from the work you have to do. To simplify your life, you can use the standard classic template that was created by others. All you need is to use PDFLiner to find the template and fill it.

Fillable online Employee Hourly Invoice Template
(4.9 / 5) 35 votes
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