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What Is DD Form 2760?

Fillable DD Form 2760 is for the purpose of obtaining a permit to possess a firearm. This form was last updated in 2002 and has not been changed since. This form was adopted to comply with the regulations of the Domestic Violence Act. The U.S. Department of Defense uses this form to obtain data about people who are and are not eligible to own firearms. 
You can download DD Form 2760 online and print it. You do not have to provide this form in writing. You can also fill out the document as a PDF and email it to the recipient with a digital signature attached. 

What do I need the DD form 2760 for? 

This form used for:

  • Obtaining a firearms permit from the Department of Defense;
  • Changing the information on your firearms permit;
  • Other administrative actions for military personnel and civilians.

This form is intended primarily for military personnel. 

How to Fill Out DD Form 2760?

DD Form 2760 Screenshot

You should know how to fill out DD Form 2760. You do not need detailed instructions to fill out the items on this free form. The document consists of two large sections. The first section details the conditions under which a person may not own or use a firearm.

The second section must be personally filled out with items of information. There, it must state whether or not the person has ever been convicted of domestic violence. If the person has indeed been convicted of domestic violence, the person is advised to contact an attorney and a lawyer for help in completing the document.

Next, personal information, including residential address, contact information, and more, must be included. 

This information will help you learn more about what is a DD Form 2760 form. Specify only truthful information in the document so that there will be no problems in the future when applying for a gun permit.

Who Can Issue a Form DD 2760?

The DD form 2760 PDF can be issued by any Department of Defense (DoD) military or civilian personnel who has the authority to verify the identity of the individual signing the form.

Organizations that work with DD form 2760 fillable version

  • United States Department of Defense
Fillable online DD Form 2760
(4.9 / 5) 92 votes
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