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What Is A Creative Brief?

A creative brief is a document that outlines the creative project's objectives, expectations, and requirements - all from the agent's perspective. It acts as a guide to aid in the project's creative development. 

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Essential components of a sample creative brief 

Before we dive into the creative brief template, let's discuss the critical elements that any creative brief should contain.

  • Background and context: Describe the client's business, the product, and the target audience. 
  • Objectives and goals: What are the main aims of the campaign? Be specific and include measurable results. 
  • Key messages: What are the primary messages that the campaign should convey? 
  • Budget: What is the allocated budget for the campaign? 
  • Timeline: When is the campaign launching, and what are the key milestones? 
  • Tone and style: What is the brand's personality, and how should it be reflected in the campaign? 

How to Fill Out the Sample Creative Brief Template

Follow these steps to fill out a creative brief sample pdf template easily and fast: 

  1. Begin with the "Project Name" field: Enter a specific name for your project to help identify its purpose and distinguish it from other projects.
  2. Fill in the "Client" and "Brand" fields: Type in the client company name and the brand associated with the project.
  3. Complete the "Product(s)" field: List the specific product or products on which the creative brief will focus.
  4. Provide your contact information: Fill in the required fields for your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address in the "Contact Information" section.
  5. Enter the "Date" and "Author" fields: Type in the current date and your name as the author of the creative brief.
  6. Give an overview of the project in the "Project Overview" section: Describe the project's purpose and provide a list of objectives it should achieve.
  7. Detail the "Marketing Guidelines": List any specific guidelines that the creative team should follow, such as brand guidelines, legal requirements, or promotional tactics to be used.
  8. State your "Objectives and Goals": Clearly outline the main objectives and goals that the project should achieve, such as increasing brand awareness, sales, or customer engagement.
  9. Define the "Target Audience" in the appropriate fields: Identify the brand target (ideal customer) and project target (the specific audience for this project), considering factors such as age, gender, location, interests, and preferences.
  10. Specify the project's "Voice" in the two subsections: Describe the brand personality (e.g., professional, friendly, playful) and the project tone (e.g., informative, persuasive, entertaining).
  11. Clarify the project's "Message": Summarize the key message you want the target audience to take away from the project, and provide a tagline, if applicable.
  12. Add any additional "Comments": Include any other relevant information, context, or instructions that could be helpful to the creative team.
  13. Finalize the form with a "Date" and "Signature": Re-enter the current date, then sign the form digitally or print it out and sign it manually to affirm the information provided.

Why is a creative brief sample important?

A creative brief outlines the parameters of the project, which helps everyone involved understand what to expect. As a result, it reduces misunderstandings and the likelihood of the project failing or not meeting expectations. Additionally, it helps clients and agents save time and money.

Fillable online Creative Brief Template
(4.7 / 5) 105 votes
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