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Get your Commercial Invoice in 3 easy steps

  • 01 Fill and edit template Fill Commercial Invoice
  • 02 Sign it online Sign Commercial Invoice
  • 03 Export or print immediately Export Commercial Invoice

What is a Commercial Invoice?

Commercial Invoice is a form that must be used by all businessmen or organizations that export products to other countries. It is a customs declaration and is necessary to fill out once you are involved in trading operations with foreign countries. The form is about the product that crosses the border, as well as its manufacturer, place, and recipient.

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What I need the Commercial Invoice Template for?

  • You need the printable Commercial Invoice for all the products your export to other countries;
  • To signify the commercial operation;
  • To calculate the transportation tariffs;
  • To understand the commercial terms of international partners, including the cost in CIF;
  • This form is used for the customs goods declaration.

The Commercial Invoice form does not have a particular due date. It is valid during the transport period. You still need to keep this form even after the deal is over.

Filling out Commercial Invoice

All you have to do is to provide only true and checked information while you are filling out the Commercial Invoice Form. You have to be familiar with the goods you are shipping. You will need the information on:

  • The name of the product;
  • The real cost of the product;
  • The country developer that exports the product;
  • Signature and stamp of Customs employee that confirms that the form is legal, and the data is correct.

Commercial Invoice Form Screenshot 2

This commercial form must be attached to the goods. It travels with the products to their destination. After that, it may be kept by one of the sides of the trade.

Organizations that work with Commercial Invoice

United States Customs and Border Protection

Relevant to Commercial Invoice Documents

How to fill out the blank commercial invoice

Step 1: Click the Fill out Form button.

Step 2: Enter international air waybill number (you can get it from your shipping company).

Step 3: Pick date of exportation.

Step 4: Indicate an invoice or order no. in the Shipper's Export References.

Step 5: Enter your and your client's official information (Name, Address, Phone no., etc.).

Step 6: Specify the country where you want to send your product and the reason why you would like to ship it.

Step 7: If you have a third-party importer, than you should also enter their official information.

Step 8: Describe your products, their quantity and pricing in the invoice table.

Step 9: Enter all the needed totals.

Step 10: Sign your Invoice and enter your name.

Fillable online Commercial Invoice
(4.7 / 5) 105 votes
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