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What Is a Commercial Invoice for UPS?

Let’s say, you’re a business owner in China who’s about to export goods to a buyer in Europe. Then, what’s a legitimate agreement between the two of you? It’s referred to as the Bill of Lading or Shipping Invoice. Here, you can find the best invoice sample for you, easily customize it to your needs, and use it to your utmost advantage.  

What I Need the International Shipping Invoice For

Here’s what you need a UPS commercial invoice for:

  • outlining the background of a freight shipment;
  • serving as a shipment receipt;
  • having a legally binding contract between the supplier and the shipper.

How to Fill Out a Shipping Invoice

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Ensure your international shipment invoice contains the following basic elements:

  1. Shipper and receiver details.
  2. Purchase order number.
  3. Freight designation and details.
  4. Type of packaging.
  5. Pick up date.
  6. Special notes and instructions.

If you’re in search of a top-notch international shipment invoice template example, you’ve come to the right place. PDFLiner is where hundreds of niche-oriented fillable and editable PDF form templates are stored. Take a browse through them and pick the blank that suits you best. Going paperless with us is as close to a pleasure cruise as can be.

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Organizations That Work With UPS Commercial Invoices

  • UPS.
Fillable online Commercial Invoice UPS
(4.6 / 5) 65 votes
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