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What is the Fillable Closing Disclosure Form?

Closing Disclosure is an agreement between the lender and the borrower. The form is a kind of a summary that clears up the closing costs and a loan between the two sides. The form is signed as a part of the mortgage loan deal. If there is a seller or broker who wants to get involved in the agreement as well, you may include third parties.

Closing Disclosure Form on PDFLiner

What I need the Closing Disclosure Form PDF for?

  • To sum up details on the mortgage loan between lender and borrower;
  • To discuss the final cost and the terms;
  • The lender has to provide this form to the borrower before closing the loan;
  • To calculate the monthly payment number and interest rate;
  • To avoid any misunderstanding between both sides.

Closing Disclosure does not have any specific due date. However, the lender has to create and give the borrower this form no later than 3 days until the loan’s closing time. It is an important detail. The borrower has to check all the details of the agreement.

Filling out Blank Closing Disclosure Form

To complete the Closing Disclosure form, you are going to need specific information on the mortgage loan. You have to receive the information from both parties of the agreement and about the property. Before you begin, make sure you know these details:

  • Amount of the loan;
  • Monthly payment both sides agreed on paying/receiving;
  • Interest rate;
  • Calculations on the payment, including extra fees;
  • The exact sum of the closing loan;
  • Various costs that may be relevant to this agreement;
  • Transactions summaries.

If the broker or former property owner/seller is involved in the agreement, including the additional data as well. Make sure that all parts of this agreement checked the form and signed it.

Signing Closing Disclosure Form

Organizations that work with Closing Disclosure

  • Lenders or lending institutions;
  • Borrower;
  • Real estate brokers;
  • Property sellers.

Form Versions

2023 Seller's Closing Disclosure Fill Out Form
Fillable online Closing Disclosure Form
(4.6 / 5) 53 votes
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