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What Is A Landlord Verification Form

A Landlord Verification Form is a document used by landlords to verify the rental history of prospective tenants. It is a tool for gathering information about the tenant's past rental experiences, including their ability to pay rent on time, maintain the property, and adhere to lease terms. This form serves as a reference check from previous landlords and is instrumental in making informed decisions.

When to Use Landlord Verification Form

There are several situations in which utilizing a Landlord Verification Form is essential:

  • When evaluating applications for new tenancies, it helps assess the reliability and compatibility of potential tenants.
  • Some financial institutions may require rental history verification as part of the loan approval process for home loans.
  • Programs like Section 8 housing require landlords to provide verification forms as part of the qualification process for tenants.
  • In case of disputes regarding tenancy agreements, this form can serve as evidence of the tenant's rental history and behaviors.

How To Fill Out Landlord Verification Form PDF

Filling out a Landlord Verification Form PDF involves a detailed and careful approach to ensure accuracy and completeness. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Tenant Information: 

Start by entering the tenant's full name, current address, and contact information.

Rental History: 

Input the addresses of previous rentals, residency dates, and former landlords' contact details.

Rent Details: 

Document the monthly rent amount, payment punctuality, and any late payments.

Property Maintenance: 

Note the condition in which the tenant left the property and any damage repairs required.

Lease Compliance: 

Indicate whether the tenant complied with all the lease terms, including any violations or legal notices received.

Landlord Comments: 

Include a section for additional comments from the landlord, offering insights into the tenant's conduct.


Ensure current and previous landlords sign the form, validating the information provided.

When to File Landlord Verification Form Template

The timing of filing a Landlord Verification Form Template correlates with specific phases in the tenant screening process or loan application procedure. A landlord should request this form from a prospective tenant's current or previous landlords early in the screening process to make informed decisions efficiently. Additionally, it is crucial to submit the form according to the deadlines provided by the financial institution or housing authority when applying for certain types of loans or subsidized housing programs.

Fillable online CHAP Landlord Verification Form
(4.8 / 5) 86 votes
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