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Understanding Power of Attorney in Arkansas

In the realm of Arkansas law, a Power of Attorney (POA) is a crucial legal document that allows an individual, known as the principal, to appoint another person or entity, referred to as the agent or attorney-in-fact. The principal grants authority to the agent to act on their behalf in various matters, such as financial transactions, legal decisions, and healthcare choices.

Arkansas Power of Attorney: Key Points

  • Principal vs. Agent: Understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Types of POAs: Choose between Durable, Non-Durable, or Special based on needs.
  • Defining Powers: Clearly outline authorized actions in writing.
  • Effective & Expiration Dates: Set timeframe for agent's authority.
  • Legal Guidance: Consult an attorney for clarity and protection.

Choosing the Right Arkansas POA Form

When selecting a Power of Attorney (POA) form in Arkansas, one of the primary considerations is whether to opt for a Durable or Non-Durable POA. A Durable Power of Attorney remains valid even if the principal becomes incapacitated, ensuring that the agent's authority endures beyond the principal's ability to make decisions. This type of POA grants significant power to the agent and is commonly used for long-term financial and healthcare management.

  • Durable POA: Lasts even if incapacitated.
  • Non-Durable POA: Expires on a set date or with incapacity.
  • Special POA: Grants authority for specific tasks only.
  • Consult an Arkansas attorney for legal guidance.
  • Ensure form complies with state witness & notary requirements.
  • Clarify details like Effective Date & Specific Powers Granted.

Completing the Arkansas POA Form: A Step-by-Step Guide

Completing the Arkansas POA Form requires careful attention to detail to ensure that the document accurately reflects the wishes and intentions of the Principal. The first step in filling out the form is providing personal information, including the full legal name and address of both the Principal and chosen Agent.

It is crucial to include specific identifying details to prevent any ambiguity or confusion regarding the parties involved. Additionally, specifying whether the Power of Attorney is a Durable or Non-Durable one is essential at this stage, as it determines when and how the powers granted come into effect.
After detailing personal information, the next critical aspect of completing an Arkansas POA form is specifying the powers granted to the Agent. This section outlines in detail what actions and decisions the Agent can make on behalf of the Principal.


Understanding the intricacies of the Power of Attorney in Arkansas is essential for both principals and agents to navigate this legal aspect effectively. By grasping the distinction between a Durable and Non-Durable Power of Attorney, individuals can make informed decisions that align with their specific needs and circumstances.
The specificity of powers granted in a POA form ensures that the agent can act on behalf of the principal in a manner that adheres to their wishes while complying with Arkansas law. Furthermore, completing an Arkansas POA form requires attention to detail and diligence to ensure accuracy.

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(4.7 / 5) 81 votes
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