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What Is 140X Form?

Filing taxes is an annual responsibility that sometimes may need corrections post-submission. When an individual in Arizona needs to amend their state tax return, the Arizona Form 140X is the go-to document. Its official title is the ‘Arizona Individual Amended Income Tax Return,’ and it is specifically designed for individuals who have discovered errors, omissions or recent adjustments to their original state tax return.

Purpose of form 140X individual amended return

There are numerous reasons you might need to amend your return. Perhaps you overlooked a substantial deduction, experienced changes in your income, or need to report additional dependents. The Arizona tax form 140X acts as your official request to update your state income tax filing with the Arizona Department of Revenue.

How to Fill Out the Form 140X

When it's time to tackle this Arizona template, clear step-by-step AZ form 140x instructions will serve you well:

  1. Enter your full legal name, and provide your spouse’s name if filing jointly. Ensure your and your spouse's social security numbers are included next to the names.
  2. Detail your current address information, including street, city, state, and zip code. If the address differs from what you reported on your original return, tick the box indicating an address change.
  3. If you are amending due to a federally adjusted return or a change in federal taxable income, check the appropriate box under "Reason for Amending."
  4. In the income section, input the adjusted gross income from your federal tax return after amending. Follow this by entering the same value in the state income line unless specific state additions or subtractions apply.
  5. Calculate and insert state additions, if any. Include pension income not taxed federally, other state refunds if you claimed federal itemization, and any other necessary additions.
  6. Subtract the applicable state subtractions, such as interest from U.S. government obligations and contributions to Arizona charities, if you didn't itemize on the federal return.
  7. Input the result in the Net Adjustments field. This value is calculated by subtracting state subtractions from state additions.
  8. Record your adjusted Arizona gross income by adding net adjustments to the federal adjusted gross income.
  9. Proceed to tax, payments, and refund or amount you owe section. Here, input the Arizona tax withheld, estimated payments, and payments from the original return, then add any additional payments made after the original return was filed.
  10. Calculate the total payments made and include any refundable credits.
  11. Draw a comparison between the total payments and your actual tax liability, and determine if you have an overpayment, which would result in a refund, or if you owe additional tax.
  12. In the declaration section, certify that the information provided is true by signing and dating the form. If it's a joint return, your spouse must also sign.

Why use Arizona state tax form 140X?

Mistakes on tax returns are not uncommon. Whether it’s due to overlooked deductions, inaccurately reported income, or life changes such as marriage or divorce, the AZ Form 140X is an essential tool for setting your tax records straight. It’s the legally accepted method for making adjustments to your tax records with the Arizona Department of Revenue. By promptly filing an amended return, you can mitigate potential penalties and interest from accruing on any additional taxes owed.

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