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What is VA Form 21P-534EZ?

The VA form 21P-534EZ is also known as the Notice to Survivor of Evidence Necessary to Substantiate a Claim for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, Survivors Pension, and/or Accrued Benefits. This document was created and released by the Department of Veterans Affairs to support veterans and their relatives. It has to provide detailed information to the Department so the veteran or the relatives of a veteran can claim for the pension, compensation of dependency, re-evaluation DIC, more benefits as a survivor, accrued benefits, and benefits for a disabled child. You still need to use another form if you want to claim the benefits for parent use, pension use, disability compensation use, or just accrued benefits. You may need to attach documents that prove your point of view.
Use the VA form 21P-534EZ fillable version to easily contact the VA Department. If you have more questions, it is better to contact them in advance, ask the Veteran Service Officer for help, and find out whether your specific case matches basic demands. You will have to pay the fee to claim the form.

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What I need the VA Form 21P-534EZ for?

  • Veterans need VA form 21P-534EZ printable to prove their status or survivor veteran and to claim the benefits that government offers to this person and to their relatives. The form can offer benefits to disabled children as well if VA Department agrees with the claim based on the evidence;

  • Relatives of veterans can fill out the form as well to receive the benefits for the status. Disabled children can receive treatment or social benefits too;

  • The Veteran Affairs Department needs this form as evidence of the veteran’s status and the claim for benefits. Before the Department can make a statement about the particular person they need to gather all the documents and make sure that the decision matches the status.

How to fill out VA Form 21P-534EZ?

You have to learn how to fill out VA form 21P-534EZ before you fill it. Apart from that, you have to make sure that your case matches the template. There are numerous different forms that may be more suitable in other situations. The form is available on the Department of Veterans Affairs US official website. You can read it and make sure you learn what data you need. To fill the document you need a PDF editor like PDFLiner that works online. Enter the form there and you can even create your electronic signature. Once you fill 21P 534EZ VA form, save the copy and send the document to the VA Department. You can send it electronically or via regular mail. Moreover, you can hand it to your Supervisor on paper. Here is what you need to mention in the template:

  1. Read all the instructions and description of the form;

  2. Pick the matching statement on page 9 of the form and put a tick in the appropriate box;

  3. Provide information on the veteran, including name, status, SSN, date of birth, and service number;

  4. Provide the identification info of the claimant, including name, relations to the veteran, phone, and address;

  5. Provide data on the veteran’s service;

  6. Provide marital information;

  7. Provide information on the child;

  8. Reveal medical information, including bills you pay.

VA FORM 21P-534EZ on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with VA Form 21P-534EZ

  • Department of Veterans Affairs in the US.

Where to send VA form 21P-534EZ?

There is detailed information on where you can send the form at the beginning of it. You can use the usual address and send it to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Pension Intake Center, PO Box 5365, Janesville, WI 53547-5365. If you don’t want to use regular mail, you can fill out the form online and send it via the official website of the VA Department. Apart from that, you can contact your Supervisor and hand in the document manually. No matter what you choose pay attention to the speed of the delivery. The slowest way is to send the form by regular mail.

Fillable online VA FORM 21P-534EZ, Veterans Affairs
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