Spa and Swimming Pool Log Sheet Template


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What Is a Pool and Spa Log Sheet?

A Swimming Pool and Spa template is usually popular among swimming pool owners. The document fixates the disinfection that was provided, the level of chlorine, pH, and even the water temperature. You need the Spa and Swimming Pool Form to make sure that the tests of quality are done every day and week. You have to track any changes in the water condition. Not only inspectors but regular visitors can ask you for the information you provide in the Log Sheet. If you want to gain the trust of your clients, you have to be clear about the cleaners you add to the water.

What Do I Need the Pool and Spa Log Sheet For?

  • The Swimming Pool Log Sheet template is used for common swimming pools or private ones to make sure that all measures are subjected to the allowed standard and nothing endangers the swimmers’ health;
  • You can show this form to inspectors checking on the pool’s condition. Anyone who wants to ensure that the water is high-quality may ask a swimming pool owner to provide this data;
  • You can use the data as the extra ad for your facility that uses only safe water cleaners and has the best water quality in the area;
  • The log sheet allows to check the inner work of the staff that has to keep an eye on the swimming pool and maintain spa clean standards;
  • This information that is written in the form can be used in court to prove the water quality.

How to Fill Out a Pool and Spa Log Sheet?

You will find a printable Pool Log Sheet on PDFLiner. It is free of charge, and you can enter all the details online. Some handy tools allow you to fill out the document right away, without printing it out. Once you finish working on it, you can download the form on your device or send it to those who need it. Here is what you have to include in this document:

  1. Write down the month and year when you provide the inventory.
  2. Include the name of the facility, its address, and permit number.
  3. You can name the pool operator and the type of disinfectant you use for the facility.
  4. Fill in the table, specifying the date and inspection time, level of chlorine, pH, temperature, flow, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, chemicals, and miscellaneous factors that might occur.
  5. Put the emergency phone number so you can be contacted by the staff if anything occurs.

Organizations That Work With Pool and Spa Log Sheet

Any swimming pool or spa;
It is widely used by swimming pool inspectors.

Fillable online Spa and Swimming Pool Log Sheet Template
(4.9 / 5) 68 votes
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