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What is a Test for PPD Form

TB Test or PPD Skin Test (also referred to as the tuberculin, Mantoux, or the Tuberculosis Test) is used to determine if a person has a silent (or latent) tuberculosis infection in their lungs. The Tuberculosis Test is often used by healthcare providers in lieu of the standard blood tests for TB. Usually, this test is used in children who are under five.

What You Need TB Test Form For

TB Skin Test Form is used to document the results of the tuberculin skin test. Many people in the US who are infected with TB-causing bacteria do not show any active symptoms of this dangerous disease. Therefore, they need blank TB Test form (and i.e. PPD Skin Test form), especially if they:

  • Have interacted with someone with TB;
  • Work at a hospital;
  • Have weak immunity as a result of taking certain meds or being exposed to certain diseases.

Filling out PPD Test form

It should be stressed that the PPD Test forms or TB Test Result Forms are filled out by your healthcare provider in several steps. The upper section of the document needs to be filled out upon making the injection. The lower section is to be completed when the results of the tuberculin test are ready (usually within up to 72 hours after the procedure).

Aside from the details on your PPD skin test results, the form should include the following information:

  • Your and your doctor’s names.

TB Test Result Form screenshot step 1

  • Location of the healthcare facility where the test was administered;

TB Test Result Form screenshot step 2

  • Expiration date;

TB Test Result Form screenshot step 3

  • Date when the test was done;

TB Test Result Form screenshot step 4

  • Date when the results were read;

TB Test Result Form screenshot step 5

  • Your doctor’s signature.

TB Test Result Form screenshot step 6

How is the tuberculin skin test administered?

What is in the TB test? The skin test is usually performed by a health professional. To help reduce the pain of the injection, the skin of the forearm is cleansed before the TB skin test is performed. The injection is given in a single spot in the middle of the forearm.

Tuberculin skin test usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes. You may be asked to wait for a few minutes after the injection before returning to your normal activities.

Organizations that Work with the Mantoux Skin Test Form

  • School administrations
  • Military facilities
  • Healthcare facilities, etc.

How to Fill out the PPD Skin Test Form

Step 1: Click the Fill Out Form button to open the form in the PDF editor.

Step 2: Click on the first fillable field and start entering the relevant information.

Step 3: Move to the next field by clicking next and or using Alt.

Step 4: Sign the form by clicking on the Sign Field.

Step 5: To save your data and download the form, click Done.

FAQ: TB Test Result Form Popular Questions

  • What does a positive TB test look like?

    The TB test will be positive for you if you have a 15 mm induration after the procedure. If you had contact with the TB patient, or you lived in the infected environment, the 5-10 mm result can also be positive. You should consult your doctor. 

  • Where can I get a Sample TB test result form?

    You can find the TB test form on most online medical portals. Also, the PDFLiner allows you to fill this form out easily. You can make an electronic sign without printing the document. 

  • How to read TB test results?

    The TB test is read by the size of the induration. If it’s less than 5 mm, it is negative. Many factors define the positive result, so you can’t read it without your doctor, who knows your medical record.

Fillable online TB Test Result Form
(3.9 / 5) 78 votes
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