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What Is a Scholarship Application Form?

A scholarship application form is a document you submit to request financial aid based on your qualifications, achievements, or needs. This form usually includes fields to record your personal details, academic achievements, financial needs, and references.

How to apply scholarship form online

In today's digital world, learning about applying scholarship form online can save valuable time and resources. Here's what you typically need to do:

  • Visit the PDFLiner website.
  • Select the appropriate scholarship form.
  • Open the application scholarship form.
  • Fill out the required information accurately, being cautious not to give misleading or false statements.
  • Attach any required documents.
  • Verify your application and submit it before the deadline.

How to Fill Out Template for Scholarship Application Form 

When it comes to filling out a scholarship application form template, whether it's a job application or scholarship form, utmost diligence is necessary. Always ensure that you provide accurate, factual, and complete information. Inconsistencies can lead to disqualification, so here are general steps:

  1. Begin by providing your full name. This typically includes your "First, Middle, and Last name". Ensure that all of your names are spelled correctly to avoid any possible confusion.
  2. For your "Permanent Mailing Street Address". Make sure to include any apartment or suite numbers. This is where you will receive all written notices from the scholarship committee.
  3. Enter your City, State, and Zip code.
  4. Supply your home phone number. If you don't have a home phone, you may want to use the phone number where you can be easily reached.
  5. In the cell phone field, enter your mobile phone number.
  6. Fill in your primary email address. This should be an account you check regularly, as all notices will be sent to this email address.
  7. Put your Date of Birth. Ensure it is done in the proper format (MM/DD/YY).
  8. Indicate your current school status. This might be "Graduating High School Senior", "College Freshman", "College Sophomore", "College Junior", or "College Senior".
  9. Specify your Anticipated Graduation Date.
  10. Provide your gender, either "Male" or "Female".
  11. List the Most Recent School you Attended.
  12. Fill in the fields associated with your Guidance Counselor's Name, Email Address, and Phone Number.
  13. Enter your Current Cumulative Unweighted GPA.
  14. State the type of school you are attending. This may be Public, Charter, Religious, Independent, Home School, or College.
  15. List down the colleges you've selected and/or applied to.
  16. Indicate what you plan to Major in. Try to be as specific as possible here, as it could impact your eligibility for certain scholarships.
  17. Describe your career goals. Be concise and focus on your long-term professional objectives.
  18. The next sections are for Parent information. Start by providing your Father’s Name, Home Address (If Different From Yours), Preferred Phone Number, Email Address, and Occupation. If your father is deceased, make sure to check the box.
  19. Repeat these steps for your mother's information. If your mother is deceased, ensure to check the box.
  20. State your parents' marital status relative to each other. Choices maybe Married, Divorced, Separated, etc.
  21. Specify with whom you have your permanent home. This is the residence you consider to be your permanent, primary place of living.
  22. Figure out which parent we may contact as your primary contact.
  23. Determine and indicate who provides your financial support.
  24. Count and enter the total number of children in your family, including yourself.
  25. Indicate how many of these children are in college, and list their names and schools they attend, if applicable.
  26. Share the ages and grade levels of the children who are not in college.
  27. Answer a series of questions about your marital status and children, i.e. "Are you married?" and "Do you have any children?" 
  28. The last step allows you to share anything else about your family situation that the scholarship committee should know. Try to be as comprehensive and genuine as possible.
  29. Double-check your application form before submission to avoid any mistakes or errors.
  30. Now, you may download scholarship application form, print it, or share it via email.

Designing a template for scholarship application form

To ease the application process, it's beneficial to provide an easy-to-understand, downloadable scholarship application form PDF to potential applicants. This form has clear sections for personal information, academic history, personal statement, financial data, and references. Also, include space for any special circumstances that the applicant wants to highlight.

Fillable online Scholarship Application Form
(4.6 / 5) 90 votes
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