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What Is a Roommate Contract?

There is nothing complicated about a Roommate Contract. The answer is in its name. This is the official agreement on the rules of behavior between the roommates who live together. The contract for roommates usually covers the bills, rent, charges, and services. You can include additional information about what you expect from your roommate.

What Do I Need the Roommate Contract For?

  • The Contract for a Roommate is required for both parties and officially fixates the responsibilities and separates them;

  • This document also includes the rent and due dates by which both roommates must pay;

  • The Roommate Contract template contains even the number of guests and the time when the roommate can welcome the visitors in the rented property;

  • It contains the security deposit number that each roommate pays in advance. If anything goes wrong, you can use the Roommate Contract Agreement to prove your point.

How to Fill Out a Roommate Contract?

The Contract for Roommate Agreement is simple to file. You have to include your data and make sure it is accurate. You will find the already-made roommate contract PDF version on PDFLiner. The document is only two pages long. All you need is to fill in specific sections. You will need to provide the following information there:

  • Full name of roommates, the address of the property, and the state;

  • The rent amount and the percentage each of you agrees to pay, including the bills of water, gas, and electricity. The amount of rent can differ based on the services you use;

  • The due date for the rent to be paid and the person or service where you pay;

  • Security deposit that each resident pays;

  • Extra conditions of the agreement if they are required;

  • Signature, dates, and witnesses.

Organizations That Work With Roommate Contract

  • Both parties of the agreement.

Fillable online Roommate Contract
(4.5 / 5) 75 votes
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