PS Form 3602-NZ (2023)

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What Is PS Form 3602-NZ?

The fillable PS Form 3602-NZ is designed for the nonprofit mailer, unlike 3602-EZ which is designed for small business mailers. This is a statement for the mailers who use USPS Marketing Mail letters and flats. Download PS Form 3602-NZ for the nonprofit postage statement. Both forms are almost identical, so you can use the same instructions.

What I need the PS form 3602 NZ for?

  • The blank of this form usually accompanies nonautomation form letters of any kind;
  • It is used for letters, newsletters, flyers of similar weight;
  • This form is the same for every state, and used in USPS for the whole country;
  • PS Form 3602-NZ fillable can be used only by non-profits. If you own a business, you have to send a 3602-EZ form, which is quite similar to 3602-NZ. Before you start filling it, make sure you have the right form.

How to Fill Out USPS Form 3602-NZ?

PS form 3602-nz online filing is a pretty simple process with a right tool. This is free of charge form. You may find a PDF version of it here, on this page. You can download it on your PC and print it. You may also practice online by filling it. The form consists of 3 pages, but don’t worry, you don’t have to complete all of them. Instead, there are detailed instructions for all the lines you have to fill. The information that is required from you:

  • The mailer details, including name, address, phone, CRID, USPS nonprofit auth. No, cost code, total pieces, weight, processing category, permit;

PS Form 3602-NZ screenshot step 1

  • Mailing information, including a post office, type of postage, postage data;

PS Form 3602-NZ screenshot step 2

  • Signature;

PS Form 3602-NZ screenshot step 3

  • There are two blocks that must be filled by USPS only.

PS Form 3602-NZ screenshot step 4

Organizations that work with PS form 3602-NZ PDF

  • Any organizations around the US;
  • USPS.

Form Versions

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Fillable online PS Form 3602-NZ
(5 / 5) 1 votes
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