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What is a professional invoice template?

A professional invoice form is a one-page template for quickly creating invoices. It can be used by any professionals who run their own businesses and provide services to other companies and individuals. Such a document is standalone and usually does not require additional cover papers.

Professional Service Invoice Template on PDFLiner

What do I need the professional services invoice template for?

  • If you own a small business, you need to issue invoices to receive payment for completed orders.
  • Templates simplify this routine task and allow you to focus on the work itself.
  • These files can be used by professionals such as accountants, plumbers, IT consultants, lawyers, and experts in any other field.

How to fill out the invoice template for professional services?

  1. To get started, enter information about your business: name, full address, contact phone number (if necessary, indicate specific hours when you can be called), and email.
  2. Provide customer details: name, address, and contacts. If the residential address is different from the business one, this should also be indicated.
  3. Fill in the table with invoice data: creation date, reference number, and terms.
  4. Describe in detail the completed order: list all the services and goods provided, indicate their volume or quantity, enter the cost of each item, add taxes and freight price, and calculate the total amount.
  5. Add instructions to help the customer make the payment and remind them of the payment terms.

How to write a professional invoice?

  1. Our templates are the most convenient option for creating invoices since they already have all the necessary fields. If you decide to make a document from scratch, make sure it contains the required information:
    • data of the parties;
    • description of the work performed;
    • the cost of each service and the total amount;
    • taxes and fees;
    • available payment methods.
  2. Your document should contain the heading “Invoice” and have a unique identification number in your system.
  3. To make the file look professional, add your company logo. Also, make sure there are no errors or typos in the data.

Professional Service Invoice Template on PDFLiner

How to send a professional invoice?

Electronic documents are the most preferred form at the moment. After completing our template and checking for typos, you can email the file or generate a download link. You can also download the completed document to your device and transfer it in any other way. If your clients prefer to work with hard copies, you can print the finished invoice directly without leaving PDFLiner. Pass the paper in person to the payer or send it by mail. Regardless of your chosen format, always keep copies of invoices for your records.

Organizations that work with the professional services invoice

  • Any businesses

Fillable online Professional Service Invoice Template
(4.5 / 5) 43 votes
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