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What is the Parcel Return Service Enrollment Request Form?

The fillable Parcel Return Service Enrollment Request is the document released by the Postal Service of the United States in 2007. It is not a business deal, it is a request for enrollment that can be applied around the country. Download Parcel Return Service Enrollment Request for the company to ask for the specific services of the USPS.

What I need the Parcel Return Service Enrollment Request for?

  • The blank of this form must be filled by the company or company’s representative to make the enrollment request at the USPS;
  • The form is used for receiving the correspondence in the place you need;
  •  You can provide your individual information of the processing facilities of the company in this form for USPS;
  • This document is also used to state the retrieval locations proposed to the USPS;
  • It can be used around the USA.

How to fill out Parcel Return Service Enrollment Request?

The pdf version of Parcel Return Service Enrollment Request can be downloaded from this page. The form is free of charge. You may print it out and fill it. However, there is also an electronic way to send it, so you may complete it online and send it to the USPS any time you want. It is only one page long and does not require any specific knowledge from you. Complete the following lines:

  • Data about the company, name, contact, number of the phone, fax, email;
  • Choose the category to be used, and rate it;
  • State the proposed USPS retrieval locations;
  • Indicate the volume per quarter for the RDU;
  • Write down details on proposed label and instructions;
  • Describe electronic returns;
  • Select the parcel and its profile;
  • State the dates of distribution of the label.

Organizations that work with Parcel Return Service Enrollment Request

  • United States Postal Service;
  • Companies around the US.
Fillable online Parcel Return Service
(4.6 / 5) 58 votes
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