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What Is the Notice of Rent Increase?

This form is also known as the Rent Increase Letter. It provides information from a landlord to a tenant, informing about the raise in the payment for the rent. This Increase Rent Form must be provided in advance, usually the month ahead of the price raise since tenants might need time to search for a new, more affordable place to live.

What Do I Need the Notice of Rent Increase For?

  • The Raise the Rent Form is an official document that must be made by a landlord for a renter to notify them of the change in the payment procedure;
  • As a renter, you can use the Rental Increase Agreement to make sure that the landlord will not break the contract or increase the payment over the discussed price;
  • You might need the form to prove your point in court if you believe that the other party breaks the aspects of the Rental Increase Notice Form.

How to Fill Out Notice of Rent Increase?

You can get the free Rent Increase Notice template on PDFLiner. Press the icon with its image, and it will be opened in front of you. The document is not complicated. As a landlord, you can fill out the Increase of Rent Notice template, and if you are a tenant, you can read it and search for details in advance. Once it is filled out, you can print it or file it online. Here is what you need to include in the Notice of Rent Increase template:

  1. Write down the name of the tenant, the address, and whether the property is in the RPZ.
  2. Discuss the rent increase in the Rental Increase Notice template, including the weekly and monthly payment calculation.
  3. Put the signature and the date on the Letter of Rent Increase.

Organizations That Work With Notice of Rent Increase

Courts in the US.

Fillable online Notice of Rent Increase
(4.9 / 5) 88 votes
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