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What is Leave of Absence Form?

The leave of absence form is a standard document widely used at the working place. No matter which company you are working for, as an employee, you can use the template. From time to time, everyone needs such a form. It contains information on the absence from work employees ask from the employer.

The leave of absence template has to contain the reason for the absence and the approval of the doctor. However, the reason does not have to be connected to the health of the employee. You can ask for the absence to go on vacation. If this is a reason, the employee has to specify the dates and provide the argument why the vacation is required. If there are other extra reasons, you can name them in a specific box of the table as well.

Usually, the leave of absence request form is filled by the employee and handed either to the employer or the supervisor. Information that is revealed in the form is confidential. Employers can’t share it with other workers.

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What I need the Leave of Absence Form for?

  • The employee has to use the leave of absence form template to ask permission to be absent from work for a specific period of time. It means that during this time, employers can’t fire employees. The time has its limits and must be arranged between the employee and employer based on the conditions of the leave. If the document is supported by physician comments, the leave of absence must be prolonged to the time specified by the doctor;
  • Employer requires a personal leave of absence form from the employee to make sure that there is a reason behind the absence. A notified employer can’t find an employee if the absence was agreed upon in advance.

How to fill out the Leave of Absence Form?

The leave of absence form PDF is only one page long. It is not complicated to fill at all. Yet, you need to be specific about the reasons for leaving and make sure there are no mistakes in the dates. You can find the template easily around the Internet. Moreover, you can ask the supervisor in your company to help you with the form if the company uses unique templates.

If the company does not have anything specific, you can use a universal document from PDFLiner. This online editor allows you to complete the form while you are still online, save it on your device, and send copies to your employer’s email right away or print it and hand it in person. Here is what you need to include in the document:

  1. Provide the correct information about an employee, including the name, number, position, and division;
  2. Share the information on the illness and diagnosis if you want to take absence time to treat your condition;
  3. Ask your physician to complete a specific section in the document;
  4. Provide information on the hours you need to take away from work and calculate the number of days. Include the vacation period;
  5. Provide the reasons you want to take the absence leave if they are not connected to your health;
  6. Sign the document and put the current date.

Organizations that work with Leave of Absence Form

  • Legal medical establishments;
  • Organizations that accept doctor’s notes.
Fillable online Leave of Absence Form
(4.6 / 5) 37 votes
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