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What is IT Service Invoice Template?

IT service invoice template is the document that arranges and documents relations between an IT specialist, an independent freelancer, or an employee of the IT company and the client who hires this specialist to fix the problem. The template is quite similar to the template used for hourly payments of any individual specialist.

Those who hire IT professionals have to pay based on the agreement for the work that was originally discussed and agreed upon. If this professional finds extra tasks it has to be agreed with the client in advance, before this extra work will appear on the list. The template helps to easily calculate the work that is done and the amount of money that must be paid.

Usually, this document is provided by the freelancer who has to make a list of the work that is done. However, the client can also try to create the list and hand it to the IT specialist in advance, to make sure that the payment will be as they agreed. You can use standard invoices available on the Internet.

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What I need the IT Service Invoice Template for?

  • An IT specialist who works on the project has to calculate the work that is done and the payment that must be paid by the client once the work is done. This is the guarantee that the payment will be paid due to the deadline and that the client agrees with all the conditions and is ready to pay for work. It can be later used as evidence in court;
  • The company that hires IT specialists can use this document as proof of their point of view as well. It contains the works that were requested and the amount of money they have agreed to pay for the work. This document can be created by one side by signing by both.

How to Fill Out IT Service Invoice Template?

The IT service invoice is a standard document that all IT freelancers may be familiar with. This document calculates the number of procedures that were made by the specialist and the payment that has to be paid. You can create such a template by yourself, based on your own demands. Use PDFLiner to create the document from the very beginning or save your time and pick the universal form available there as well.

You will quickly notice that it is suitable for any occasion and any type of work. Apart from that you can change the design of the document, add more sections or remove anything you don’t like. Once the document is filled, save it on your device. Send the copy to the other party via email. You may also print it and hand it in manually or send it via regular mail, which takes some time. Here is what you need to include there:

  1. Provide information about you, the company you represent, your address, phone number, and email;
  2. Name the date and the number of invoices;
  3. Provide information on your client, including name and address;
  4. Describe the work you provide, including the hours, payment per hour, and the total amount it costs;
  5. Calculate the tax as well;
  6. Provide the deadline.

Organizations that work with IT Service Invoice Template

  • Any organization that uses IT services;
  • Independent IT freelancers.

Fillable online IT Service Invoice Template
(4.6 / 5) 83 votes
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