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What is Hourly Billing Invoice Template?

The invoice template for hourly billing is a universal document that can be used for a wide range of services. Its main goal is to keep a record of the hours that an independent contractor or any hired employee performed. Each hour, according to this document, must be paid. It is better to calculate all the hours using this template and sum up the hourly wage at the end of the day or the week.

Based on your original agreement with the employee, you can pay due to a specific deadline, whether it is for several hours or for several days of work. However, no matter your agreement, you still have to calculate all the hours that the worker included in the template. This hourly billing invoice template can also be provided by the employer if there was an agreement made in advance. In this case, the employee has to check the document and make sure that all the hours were calculated and the amount of money is correct.

You can also create the hourly invoice by yourself. Fill it out for every client or employee you work with and agree upon hourly payments. You have to make sure that all the work and hours were calculated there.

Hourly Billing Invoice on PDFLiner

What I need the Hourly Billing Invoice Template for?

  • Independent contractor or employee of the company who agreed to provide services on the hourly wage needs an hourly billing invoice. This document secures the rights of the worker and records the hours that were spent on work. It can also calculate the materials that were spent on the project and compensate the price if there were an original agreement about it between two parties;
  • An employer or client who hires a worker for the hourly wage also needs a sample hourly billing invoice to calculate the hours of work and make sure that the records are correct. This bill must be kept by both parties and can be used in court. Employer will pay according to the bill.

How to Fill Out Hourly Billing Invoice Template?

If you usually work with independent contractors or perform work with an hourly wage, you probably want to have your own invoice billing for hourly work. You may add your logo and unique signature there. You can easily do it using PDFLiner. Start with creating the page and add all the components you need.

However, you can also use the invoice template hourly billing that is already there, edit it up to your needs and preferences, and even add the logo of the company in a few moves. Keep the original document saved on your device or in the cloud storage to extract it for the new client whenever you need it. Once you fill the template for the client, print it, save the copy, and send the document to the other party via email. Here is what you need to include there:

  1. Provide information about you or your company in the first place, indicates the address, phone number, and email you can be reached at;
  2. Put the current date and the number of the invoice;
  3. Provide information about a customer, including name, and address;
  4. Describe the works that were provided, hours that were spent, money that must be paid for the hours, and the total amount. Calculate price with taxes as well;
  5. Indicate the deadline for the payment.

Organizations that work with Hourly Billing Invoice Template

  • Any company or individual who provides hourly paid services or pays for them.

Fillable online Hourly Billing Invoice Template
(4.8 / 5) 100 votes
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