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What is a Georgia Sublease Agreement?

A Georgia sublease agreement form is a document that allows a person (sub-lessor) who is currently leasing a residential property to rent it out to another person (sub-lessee). This agreement is highly useful when the original lessee cannot continue to stay in the rented unit and wishes to avoid penalties for breaking the lease.

Importance of Georgia sublease agreements

The sublease agreements in Georgia provide a legal basis for the transfer of lease between the original tenant and the sub-lessee. One key advantage is that this agreement offers some protection to all parties involved. The original tenant is protected from penalties stemming from breaking their lease early, the sub-lessee gets a place to stay, and the landlord retains full occupancy of their property.

How to Fill Out the Georgia Sublease Agreement PDF

Completing a Georgia sublease agreement isn't overly complicated, but it does require following a specific format. Here are steps to help you go through it:

  1. Start by identifying yourself as the 'Sublandlord' in the respected field provided. Enter your Full Name.
  2. Fill out the 'Subtenant' name in the respective field.
  3. Provide the details of the 'Address' in the dedicated field which includes Street Address, City, State, and Zip Codes.
  4. Define the terms of the 'Sublease' tenure. Specify the starting and ending dates under 'Sublease term: period dates'.
  5. State your monthly rental charges in the required field using numerals and spelled out words. The field will ask for Rent $, specify the amount here.
  6. Mention the security deposit amount in the 'Security Deposit $' section. Again, ensure you use both numbers and words.
  7. Under 'Termination notice', input the number of days in advance a party must notify the other of their intent to terminate the lease.
  8. Specify the interest of the subtenant in the premises by providing the total number of tenants that will occupy the premises. Further, specify if the tenants will share a bedroom or not.
  9. In the section named 'Overnight guests', indicate whether the consent of the sublandlord is required or not for overnight guests.
  10. For Utility and Telephone charges, fill up the percentage of utility charges the subtenant agrees to pay. Do the same for monthly telephone service charges.
  11. For 'Household chores,' detail any agreements on how chores will be divided if applicable.
  12. In the 'Noise level' section, specify any guidelines or rules regarding noise in the rental property.
  13. In the section labeled 'Smoking', note down whether smoking is allowed or prohibited within the premises.
  14. Specify if the consumption of alcohol is allowed on the premises under 'Alcohol' regulations.
  15. If a Parking space is provided, indicate its location and any associated rules in the respective field.
  16. Under the 'Master lease' section, specify any implications or conditions from the master lease that directly affect the sublease.

Specifics for using sublease agreement Georgia

The Georgia sublease agreement form should be used when the original tenant, referred to as the 'Sublandlord', wants to either rent out the entire space or a portion of the rented area to a new tenant, known as the 'Subtenant'. This form helps spell out all the conditions and agreements both parties must abide by.

Fillable online Georgia Sublease Agreement
(4.8 / 5) 63 votes
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