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What is IRS Form W-10?

If you are looking at what is W 10 form, you may have a dependent that needs care. This document was created by the International Revenue Service and has to be sent to them directly. The W-10 form is also known as Dependent Care Provider’s Identification and Certification. The form can be filled by the parent of the child or relative or just the person who has a dependent. If the child receives care from any other person or organization it must be stated in the template.

The IRS W 10 form allows you to specify the data about the extra help that your child receives, including the address, name, and even taxpayer identification number of the person who does it.

Usually, you don’t need the form apart from a specific case. You may want to use it if you want to claim for the support of the child and cover expenses of the dependent care. In this case you need to complete the form 1040-SR or 1040 as well. You also need the form whenever you get the benefits from the dependent care plant of your employer.

Form W-10

What I need the Form W-10 for?

  • You can use IRS form W 10 only if you are considered to provide the care of the dependent, no matter whether it is your child, relative, or the person you take care of. This form has the intention to prove that you are the main caretaker of this dependent;
  • You may need a W-10 form IRS if you want to cover the expenses of the dependent care or claim credit for the child. In this case, you also have to attach your tax form 1040;
  • If you have a dependent care plan from your employer, where you receive benefits, W 10 tax form will help you to make everything official.

How to Fill Out W-10 Form?

The W-10 tax form is available on PDFLiner. You can find it here free of charge or you can go to the IRS official website. Yet, PDFLiner contains all the tools that help you to fill the template online. Once you fill it out, you can save it on your device, print it, and email it to the officials. This form can be also sent online via the IRS website. It is one page long and is not complicated, but you have to be specific in the details you provide. Here is what you need to indicate in tax form W 10:

  1. Write down information about the dependent care provider, including the name, TIN, and address;
  2. Sign the field if you are a dependent care provider. You can use PDFLiner tools that allow you to create your own electronic signature recognized by the IRS;
  3. Put the current date when you fill out the document;
  4. Read the instructions in the form before you go to part 2. After that, you have to provide the name and the address of the person that is requesting.

Filling Form W-10 on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with Form W-10

  • Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service.
Fillable online Form W-10
(4.5 / 5) 82 votes
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