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What Is Family Tree Template?

If you are interested in your genealogy, you can use the family tree maker template to start your investigation. There are numerous variations of the form; you can pick any of them or create one yourself. The most important is to include information about your family to keep a record of all your siblings.

If you don’t know where to start, use the standard blank family tree template from PDFLiner. It contains the main questions you have to answer about the family. If you don’t know the data, it is better to go to the family archives, ask your relatives, and make sure it will not be forgotten or lost with time.

The template is not official. You may change it or include extra sections whenever you need them. The form was made for personal use, but you can always provide it as your research project at school. Unlike traditional forms, it contains more data, including the places of residence.

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What I need the family tree template for?

  • You need an editable family tree template to create your own family archive. This template is important to the person who is wondering about the history of the family. It contains sections about each sibling and the way they can still be reached if it is possible;
  • Researchers may need a fillable family tree template to start the investigation of a particular family. You may go to the local archive and discover information on the family you are interested in. It allows recreating the history of one family;
  • You can use a printable family tree template in your school project or keep it in your personal archive to make sure you did not forget your roots. Later you may start your own research and learn more about your ancestors' traditions, religion, and residence.

How to Fill Out Family Tree Template?

You can easily find a family tree template online version that matches your research demands. It does not have to be designed similarly. You can create your own template if you want. It is not a legal form and does not require following strict rules. If you have no idea how to do it, Use PDFLiner’s universal family tree template PDF.

The form contains the template you simply have to fill with information you already know or may find out from your family or archives. The best part about using PDFLiner is that you can fill out the form online without downloading anything on your computer.

Open the form by tapping the icon and start filling in empty sections. Add more sections as you need. Save the document on the device or in the cloud. You can always come back to it and edit it.  You may even print it. Here is what you have to include in the template:

  • Provide information on the husband, including name, date of birth, marriage, death, burial, residence place, occupation, religion, military records, and names of father and mother;
  • Provide information on the wife, including the same information you used for the husband;
  • Provide your own information, including your current address, phone, and the date;
  • Provide information about children.

Organizations that work with family tree template

  • Anyone who explores family trees and information on siblings.

Fillable online Family Tree Template
(4.9 / 5) 88 votes
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